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Album Reviews 2002-2012: Complete List incl. titles


In 2012 we have been migrating reviews to our Blog format where new album reviews are also posted. 

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Trevor Rabin- 90124
Racey- Smash And Grab
Rachel Unthank & The Winterset- The Bairns
Racing Cars- Downtown Tonight
Racing Cars- 30th Anniversary Concert/Love Blind
Racing Cars- Second Wind
Racing Cars- Bolt From The Blue
Radio 4 - Enemies Like This
Radio Silence- Whose Skin Are You Under Now
Radioactive- Taken
Gerry Rafferty- Life Goes On
Raging Speedhorn - How The Great Have Fallen
The Rah Band- The Crunch and Beyond
Rain- 267d Cranmore Boulevard
Rainbow- Live In Koln/Deutcshland Tournee 1976
Rainbow- Anthology 1975-1984
Rainbow- Down To Earth
Rainbow- Rising
Rainstorm Project- Purple Eyes
Raising Sand- All Out War
Mick Ralphs- That's Life - Can't Get Enough
Ramases- Glass Top Coffin
Joey Ramone- Don't Worry About Me (DVD Audio)
The Ramones- We're Outta Here
Sophia Ramos- Her Majesty
Ben Randall- Love Finds A Way
Random Touch- Alchemy
Random Touch- Duologue and A Box And A Word
Greg Rapaport- Homunculus
Rare Bird- Epic Forest
Rare Bird
Rare Bird- As Your Mind Flies By
Rascal Flatts- Rascal Flatts
The Rasmus- Hellofacollection
The Rats- The Fall And Rise - A Rats Tale
Ratt- Infestation
Rattlesnake Remedy- Magic Man
Marion Raven- Heads Will Roll
R.A.W. First
Rayburn- Rayburn
Razorback- Deadringer
Chris Rea- The Road To Hell And Back Again (Live 2006)
Mike Read- Songs
Mike Read- Sound Of Poetry
David Readman
The Reason- Landermason
The Reasoning- Dark Angel
Rebel Meets Rebel
The Records- Music On Both Sides
Reckless- Reckless
- Red Light Rippers- Nobody Likes A Rat
Red Shoes- Ring Around The Land
Noel Redding- Live From The Bunker, Prague
Redemption- The Origins Of Ruin
Redemption- Snowfall On Judgment Day
Reece- Universal Language
Reece Kronlund- Solid
Dan Reed- Coming Up For Air
Lou Reed- Berlin
Lou Reed- Metal Machine Music - Live
Ben Reel- Time To Get Real
Reel Big Fish- Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album
Refugee- Affairs In Babylon
Various- Reggaeton
Maggie Reilly- Reissues/Looking Back,Moving Forward
Rekquiem- Time Will Tell
Relay- The Big Picture
Various- Remachined: A Tribute To Deep Purple's Machine Head
Rembrandts- Lost Together
Reign Of Terror- Conquer And Divide
Relapsed- Reign Of Terror
Reloaded- demo
REM- Reissues
REM- And I Feel Fine - The Best Of The IRS Years 1982-1987
REM- Life's Rich Pageant: 25th Anniversary Edition
Renaissance- Tuscany
Renaissance- Albert Hall Live
Renaissant- South Of Winter
John Renbourn- So Early In The Spring
REO Speedwagon - The Essential
REO Speedwagon- Live Plus
REO Speedwagon- Find Your Own Way Home
REO Speedwagon- Ridin' The Storm/Lost In A Dream
The Research- Breaking Up
Research Turtles- Research Turtles
Resistance - Lies In Black
Resistance- Patents Of Control
Retrovati- Mechanical Love
Return To Forever- Returns
Revolting Cocks- Beers,Steers & Queers
Revolution Renaissance- New Era
Rex Carroll Band- That Was Then, This Is Now
Rob Reynolds- Sightseeing
Rezurex- Beyond The Grave
Rhapsody- Unholy Warcry
Rhapsody- Dark Secret
Rhapsody- Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II
Rhapsody- The Dark Secret Live In Canada 2005
Rhapsody Of Fire- Triumph Or Agony
Rhapsody Of Fire- The Cold Embrace Of Fear (A Dark Romantic Symphony)
Rhapsody Of Fire- From Chaos To Eternity
Rhapsody Sweden- Strange Vibrations
Emitt Rhodes- The Emitt Rhodes Recordings [1969 - 1973]
Damien Rice- 9
Kim Richey- Wreck Your Wheels
Greg Ridley- Anthology All I Ever Wanted
Rieser- The Well Dressed Thief
Rietta- Cut Me Loose
Riley- Sit Up
Paul J Riley- Alba Place
Rilo Kiley- More Adventurous
Ring Of Fire- Dreamtower
Ring Of Fire- Lapse Of Reality
Riot- Narita
Riot- Army Of One
Riot- Reissues
Riot- Immortal Soul
Riotous Brothers- Shout It Out
Rise To Addiction- A New Shade Of Black For The Soul
Michael Risenbeck- Shouting Silence
Ritual- Think Like A Mountain
Ritual- Live
Ritual- The Hemulic Voluntary Band
River City People- Best Of
Rivera Bomma - I Am God
Riverside- Second Life Syndrome
Riverside- Rapid Eye Movement
Marco Rizzo - Colossal Myopia
Marco Rizzo- The Ultimate Devotion
RMS- Centennial Park
RMS- Live At The Venue 1982
Road II Ruin
Roadhouse- Sea Of Souls
Roadhouse- Dark Angel
Rob Ban- About Goddamn Time
Robb Johnson & the Irregulars- All That Way For This
Robert Cray Band- Time Will Tell (DVD-Audio)
Andy Roberts - Just For The Record (anthology)
Rick Roberts- Windmills/She Is A Song
Brian Robertson- Diamonds And Dirt
Duke Robillard - Guitar Groove A Rama
Janet Robin- Everything Has Changed
Chris Robinson- New Earth Mud
Rock Goddess
Various- Rock Legends Various- Rock S'Cool
Various- Rock The Bones Vol.5
Various- Rock The Nations III
Rock Workshop The Very Last Time
Rockpile- Live At Montreux 1980
Rocky Athas' Lightning- Lightning Strikes Again
Jess Roden Band- Live At The Robin
Paul Rodgers- Live In Glasgow
Paul Rodgers- Live In Montreux 1994
Rodrigo y Gabriela- Live Manchester And Dublin
Rodrigo y Gabriela- Live In Japan
Rodrigo y Gabriela- 11:11
Rodrigo y Gabriela- Live In France
Roe Sham Bo - Serotonin
Matt Roehr- UHad2BThere! Live Bootleg Vol 1
Lee Rogers - Drawing Clocks
Rolling Stones- 40 Licks
Rolling Stones- Rolled Gold
The Romantics- From The First Row...Live (DVD Audio)
Romeo's Daughter- Romeo's Daughter
Mick Ronson- Hard Life (compilation)
Room- Pre-Flight
Rooster- CD album
Rooster- CD single
Eileen Rose- Come The Storm
Rose Tattoo- Reissues
Rose Tattoo - Best Of
Gavin Rossdale- Wanderlust
Francis Rossi- One Step At A Time
Rossington- Love Your Man
Uli Jon Roth Metamorphosis
Various - Dave Lee Roth Tribute
David Rotheray- The Life Of Birds
Rough Silk- End Of Infinity
Roulette- Better Late Than Never
Toni Rowland- Unfolding
Roxette- A Collection of Roxette Hits
Roxx Gang- Hot Damn
Roxy Music- Live
Royal Hunt- Eyewitness
Royal Hunt - Paper Blood
Royal Hunt - 2006 Live
Royal Hunt- Collision Course
Royal Southern Brotherhood- s/t
Royworld- Man In The Machine
RPWL- Stock
RPWL- World Through My Eyes
RPWL- Start The Fire
RPWL- The RPWL Experience
RPWL- Beyond Man And Time
RSJ- Gain To Nothing
RTZ- Lost And Found
Rubik 1138- Rubik 1138
Barbara Rubin- Under The Ice
Jordan Rudess- Rhythm Of Time
The Rudiments- Doctor Bone's Fried Medicine
Ruefrex- Capital Letters The Best Of
Various- 12 Years of Where Blues Crosses Over (Ruf anthology)
Ruffians- Desert Of Tears
Run DMC- Live At Montreux 2001
The Runaways- Born To Be Bad
Todd Rundgren- Liars
Todd Rundgren- Best Of Live
Todd Rundgren- Liars (CD/DVD)
Todd Rundgren- Arena
Todd Rundgren- Reissues
Todd Rundgren- A Cappella/Nearly Human/2nd Wind
Running Man- The Running Man
Rush- Remasters
Rush- Snakes & Arrows
Rush- Snakes & Arrows Live
Rush- Retrospective III
Rush- Working Men
Russell Allen's Atomic Soul
Jack Russell- Left Of Self Centred
Ray Russell- Ready Or Not
Ray Russell- Why Not Now
Ray Russell- The Composer's Cut

Ray Russell- A Table Near The Band
Rusty Shackle- Wash Away These Nights


Sabbat- Reissues
Sacred Heart- Lay It On The Line
Sacred Heart- Shake
Sacred Heart- Darkness Falls
Sacred Heart- Propaganda
Michael Sadler- Clear
Saidian- For Those Who Walk The Path Forlorn
Saga- Network
Saga- Trust
Saga- Worlds Apart Revisited
Saga- 10,000 Days
Saga- The Human Condition
Saga- 20/20
Saint Deamon- In Shadows Lost From The Brave
Saint Jude- Diary Of A Soul Fiend
Stevie Salas- The Sun & The Earth: The Essential Vol 1
Saltwater Band- Malk
Salute- Toy Soldier
Salute- Heart Of The Machine
Sammy & The Wabos- Livin' It Up
Samson- Tomorrow & Yesterday
Paul Samson- P.S....
Samuel C Lees Band- Bigg Mann
Samurai- Samurai
Sanctity- Road To Bloodshed
Sandalinas- Fly To The Sun
Sanguine Hum- Diving Bell
Santana - The Early Years An Anthology
Santana- Ultimate Santana
Santana- Mulit Dimensional Warrior
Santana- Guitar Heaven
Santana- Shape Shifter
Various- Viva Carlos A Supernatural Marathon Celebration
Saori Jo- 2:17AM
Saosin Saracen- Red Sky
Saracen- Heroes, Saints and Sinner
Saracen- Vox In Excelso
Saracen- Marilyn
Eric Sardinas & Big Motor- Sticks & Stones
Julian Sas- Resurrection
Joe Satriani - Super Colossal
Joe Satriani- Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock
Joe Satriani- Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards
Satyrian - Eternitas
Savatage- Sirens/The Dungeons Are Calling
Jack Savoretti- Between the Minds
Savoy Brown- Blue Matter/A Step Further
Savoy Brown - Shake Down/Getting To The Point
Savoy Brown- Lion's Share/Jack The Toad
Savoy Brown- Steel
Savoy Brown- Boogie Brothers/Wire Fire
Nitin Sawhney- London Undersound
Nitin Sawhney- Last Days Of Meaning
Saxon- Lionheart
Saxon- Dogs Of War
Saxon- The Eagle Has Landed Pt 3
Saxon- The Very Best Of
Saxon- The Inner Sanctum
Saxon- Into The Labyrinth
Saxon- Reissues
Saxon- Reissues
Saxon- Call To Arms
Philip Sayce- Peace Machine
Philip Sayce- Innerevolution
Philip Sayce- Ruby Electric
Scaramanga Six- Cabin Fever
Scarlet Blonde- Bedroom Superstars
Scelerata- Darkness And Light
Scenes Call Us At The Number You Provide
Michael Schenker- The Odd Trio
Michael Schenker- Dreams & Expressions
MSG- Arachnophobiac
Schenker-Pattison- The Endless Jam
Schenker-Pattison- The Endless Jam Continues
Pete Schmidt- No Safe Bet
Roy Schneider- Erleichda
Matt Schofield- Live From The Archives
Matt Schofield- Anything But Time
Schugar Schenker- Under Construction
Neal Schon- The Calling
Various- Scorched Earth
Scorpions- Unbreakable
Scorpions- Sting In The Tail
Erik Scott- Other Planets
Scritti Politti- White Bread Black Beer
Seachange - On Fire With Love
Season's End- The Failing Light
Second Heat
Secret Oyster- Vidunderlige Kaelling
Secret Smile- This Is Our Time Now
Secret Sphere- Scent Of Human Desire
Section A- The Seventh Sign
Section A - Parallel Lives
Marianne Segal- The Gathering
Bob Seger- Face The Promise
Steve Senes- De-evolution Of Theory
Sensational Alex Harvey Band- British Tour '76
Sensational Alex Harvey Band- US Tour 74
Sensational Alex Harvey Band- Live At The BBC
Sensational Alex Harvey Band- Hot City
Senses Fail- Still Searching
Sepultura- Dante XII
Sepultura- Roorback
Sepultura- The Best Of
Sequel- Back
Sequoia- Ebb & Flow
Sergeant Buzfuz- The Jewelled Carriageway
Serpentine- A Touch Of Heaven
The Servant- How To Destroy A Relationship
Brian Setzer- 13
Seven Wishes
Seventh Power- Seventh Power
Seventh Wonder- Waiting In The Wings
Sewergrooves- Constant Reminder
Sex Pistols- Spunk The Original Bootleg
Martin Sexton- Sugarcoating
Marco Sfogli- There's Hope
Shadow Gallery- Digital Ghosts
Shadowman- Land Of The Living
Shadowman- Different Angels
Shadowman- Ghost In The Mirror
Shadowman- Watching Over You
Shadows Mignon- Midnight Sky Masquerade
Shadows Of Eden- Dance of the Gypsies
Jonas Shandel- Jonas Shandel
Shankar & Gingger- One In A Million (DVD-Audio)
Shannon- Angel In Disguise
Shark Frenzy- Volume 2 1980/81 Confessions Of A Teenage Lycanthrope
Shark Island- Gathering The Faithful
Maia Sharp- Fine Upstanding Citizen
Maia Sharp- Echo
Tommy Shaw- The Great Divide
Shaw Blades- Influence
Shenaniganz- Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head
Derek Sherinian- Black Utopia
Derek Sherinian- Mythology
Derek Sherinian- Blood Of The Snake
Derek Sherinian- Oceana
Shev And The Brakes
Shinedown- The Sound Of Madness
Shinedown- Amaryllis
Shineth- 11 of 10
Amanda Shires- Carrying Lightning
Shiva- Continuance
Michelle Shocked- Threesome
Shocking Pinks- Singles
Shiva Shakti
Shooting Star- Circles
Paul Shuttleworth- Mixed Up Shook Up Girl (compilation)
Shy- Unfinished Business
Shy- Sunset And Vine
Shy- Anthology 1995-2005
Shylock- Welcome To Illusion
Siam- Prayer
Various- Sidewinder(Jewel and Paula labels)
Ciara Sidine- Shadow Road Shining
Ian Siegal- The Dust
Lucinda Sieger- Silver Life
Sieges Even- Paramount
Sign Of One- Innerlands
Signal Noise Ratio- Demo II
Silencer- Death Of Awe
Silver- Addiction
Mike Silver- Heaven In Mind
Silent Force- Walk The Earth
Silver Ginger 5- Black Leather Mojo
Silverland- Swimming Upstream
Gene Simmons- Asshole
Carly Simon- This Kind Of Love
Carly Simon - Never Been Gone
Paul Simon- Surprise
Simon Hopper Band- A Land For The Many
Simon Hopper Band- The Less Blessed
Simon Says- Tardigrade
Simone Fiorletta- Parallel Words
Simple Minds- Black & White 050505
Simple Minds- Graffiti Soul
Sine Star Project- Building Humans
Chris Singleton- Twisted City
Chris Singleton- Lady Gasoline
Various- The Sixties Album
S.I.N.- Equilibrium
Various- Sin-Atra
David Sinclair- Hey
David Sinclair- Take Me There
Sinn- Jailbait
Sinner- Mask of Sanity
Sinocence- Scar Obscura
Skandinavia- Global Warming
Skerryvore- World Of Chances
Skid Row- Thickskin
Skid Row- Live And On Song
Skid Row- Revolutions Per Minute
The Skids- Reissues
Skin- Breaking The Silence
Skin Alley- Skin Alley
Skuffle- Skuffle
Sky Of Avalon- Prologue To The Symphonic Legends
Skyclad- Live At The Dynamo
Slade- Reissues
Slade- Rockers
Slade- Reissues 2
Slamer- Nowhere Land
Slash- Apocalyptic Love
Slaughter Then And Now (DVD-Audio)
Slave To The System- S/T
Sleep Station- After The War
The Sleepy Jackson- Personality
John Sloman- 13 Storeys
Sludgefest- Virtua-Rock
Patti Smith- Twelve
Steve Smith- Come On In
TV Smith - Information Overload
The Smiths- Sound Of The Smiths
The Snakes- Sometime Soon
The Snap Elect- Mangled Angle Land
Snew- Snew You
Snowblind- Snowblind
Snowblind- Democracy
Social Distortion- Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes
Soft Machine- Softs/Land Of Cockayne
Soft Machine Legacy- Steam
Natascha Sohl- Strange Fascination
Natascha Sohl- Give It All Away (CD single)
Natascha Sohl- Naked (CD single)
Natascha Sohl- Dirty Little Word
Solar- Dark Places
Sal Solo- Heart & Soul
Sometimes X- Zero To Hero
Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth- Sonic Nurse
Sonic Youth- The Destroyed Room: B-sides and Rarities
Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation
Sonic X
Sons of Buena Vista- featuring Adams
Erol Sora- Demented Honour
Jeff Scott Soto- Live At The Gods 2003
Jeff Scott Soto- The Queen Album
Jeff Scott Soto- Lost In The Translation
Jeff Scott Soto- Essential Ballads
Jeff Scott Soto (JSS)- Beautiful Mess
Jeff Scott Soto- Reissues
The Skys- Colours Of The Desert
Social Distortion- Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes
Society- A Crooked Mile
Solid Vision- Sacrifice
Soulcage- Soul For Sale
Soul Asylum - Closer To The Stars: Best Of The Twin Tone Years
Soul Asylum - Silver Lining
Soul Doctor- Blood Runs Cold
Soul Doctor- That's Live
Soul Secret- Flowing Portraits
Soul Sirkus- World Play
Soular- Waiting For Tomorrow
Soular- Love Crash Heal
Sound Ex- Palomino
Sound Team- Movie Monster
JD Souther- Border Town: the Very Best of
Southern Gentlemen- Double Your Pleasure
Southside- Southside United Vol.1
Southside Johnny & Asbury Dukes - Heart Of Stone
The Space Cowboys- Dead End Streets & Devils Night
Space Ritual- Otherworld
Spandau Ballet- Reissues
Sparks- Reissues
Sparks - Hello Young Lovers
Sparks - Introducing Sparks
Sparks- Exotic Creatures Of The Deep
Barry Sparks- Can't Look Back
The Specials- Live At The Moonlight Club
The Spectaculars- Vicious Pop
Speedy Gonzales- Electric Stalker
Spell Blast- Horns Of Silence
Danielle Spencer- Calling All Magicians
Spencer Davis Group- Live In Manchester 2002
Spencer Davis Group- Official Bootleg Unplugged (CD/DVD)
Sphere Of Souls- From The Ashes
Spider Rockets- Spider Rockets
Spiders & Snakes- Hollywood Ghosts
Spike- It's A Treat To Be Alive
Spirit- The Archive...An Introduction
Spirits Burning- Earth Born
Split Enz- Live In America
Split Knee Loons- Loon Knee Tunes
Split Sofa- The Gathering
Spock's Beard- Octane
Spock's Beard- Gluttons For Punishment - Live In '05
Spock's Beard- Spock's Beard
Spoon- Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Dusty Springfield- Live At The BBC/The Complete BBC Sessions
Rick Springfield- Reissues
Spyamp - GTI
Squackett- A Life Within A Day
See also, Steve Hackett, Chris Squire, Yes
Square One- Supersonic
Squeeze- Best Of
Squeeze- Five Live in America
Billy Squier- Tale of the Tape/Don't Say No
Billy Squier- Tale Of The Tape
Billy Squier- Emotions In Motion/Signs Of Life
Chris Squire- Fish Out Of Water
Stackridge- Sex And Flags
Stackridge- Purple Spaceships Over Yatton - Best Of
Stackridge- Stackridge
Stackridge- Friendliness
Stackridge- The Man With The Bowler Hat
Stackridge- Extravaganza
Stackridge- Something For The Weekend
Stackridge- Forbidden City
Stackridge- A Victory For Common Sense
Tim Staffell
Stage Dolls- Always
Lisbee Stainton- Girl On An Unmade Bed
Lisbee Stainton- Go
Stampede- A Sudden Impulse
Stampede Queen- A Night At The Cockfights
Star One - Live On Earth
Starbreaker- Love's Dying Wish
Starcastle- Song Of Times
Ringo Starr- Choose Love
Ringo Starr- Photograph
Starz - Attention Shoppers
State Of Mind- Memory Lane
State Of Rock- A Point Of Destiny
Statetrooper- The Calling
Status Quo- The Party Ain't Over Yet
Status Quo- In Search of the Fourth Chord
Status Quo- Pictures - 40 Years Of Hits
Status Quo- Live At The BBC
Status Quo- Quid Pro Quo
Status Quo- Under The Influence
Status Quo- Live At Montreux 2009
Steel Panther- Balls Out
Steeler- Metal Generation: The Anthology
Steely Dan- The Very Best Of
Stereoflux- Stereoflux
Steriogram- This Is Not The Target Market
Steve Grimm Band- History Of A Bad Boy
Steve Grimmett Band- Personal Crisis
Steve Miller Band- Fly Like An Eagle
Steve Miller Band- Reissues
Steve Miller Band- Wide River
Steve Miller Band- Live!
Steve Morse Band- Out Standing In Their Field
Steve Morse Band- Out Standing In Their Field/Live From Germany
Cat Stevens- Majikat
Corey Stevens- Albertville
Shakin Stevens- Now Listen
T.M.Stevens- Africans In The Snow
Tony Stevens- Don't Blame Me...I Just Play Bass
Tony Stevens Slow Ride- Join Together
Al Stewart- A Piece of Yesterday - The Anthology
Al Stewart- Live
Rod Stewart- Atlantic Crossing/Tonight's The Night
Rod Stewart- Sessions 1971-1998
Rod Stewart- Changing Faces: The Very Best Of Rod Stewart & The Faces
Jake Stigers- No Vacancy
Still Remains- The Serpent
Stolen Earth- A Far Cry From Home
Roine Stolt- Wall Street Voodoo
Stone Gods- Silver Spoons And Broken Bones
Stone Lake- World Entry
Stone Sole River- Terra Mama
Stone The Crows- Reissues
Stone The Crows- Reissues
Stone The Crows- Radio Sessions 1969-72
Stoneflower- Crack A Little Smile
Stoney Curtis Band- Acid Blues Experience
Stoney Curtis Band- Raw and Real
Stoney Curtis Band- Cosmic Connection
Storm- Storm II
Storm Warning- Strategy
Stormzone- Caught In the Act
Stormzone- Death Dealer
Stormzone- Zero To Rage
The Storys- Town Beyond The Trees
The Storys- Luck
Straight Razor Angels- Straight Razor Angels
The Strand- The Strand
Strangeland- Catharsis
Strangeways- Perfect World
Strangeways- Reissues
Stranglers- Long Black Veil(CD single)
Strapps- Live At The Rainbow 1977
Stratosphere- Fire Flight
Stratovarius- Polaris
The Strawbs- Live In America
The Strawbs- Dancing To The Devil's Best
Stray- Live: In Yer Face!
Stray- Reissues 1
Stray- Reissues 2
Stray- Valhalla
Street Legal- Bite The Bullet
Streetwalkers- Red Car/Vicious But Fair
Strife- Rockin' The Boat
Strife- Reissues
Stryper- Murder By Pride
Eric Stuart Band- In The Country Of Kings
Stuart James Band- Changing Lanes
Amy Studt- My Paper Men
Daryl Stuermer- Rewired
Style Council- Our Favourite Shop
Styx- Cyclorama
Styx- Cyclorama (DVD-A)
Styx- Big Bang Theory
Styx- Reissues
Styx- Reissues
Styx- One With Everything
Styx- Regeneration
The Substitutes- The Exploding Plastic Inevitable
Sucioperro- Random Acts of Intimacy
Suffrajets- Solid
Sugarcult- Back To The Disaster
Sugarloaf- Sugarloaf/Spaceship Earth
sugarmonkey- So Far Too Late
Various- Summerime Blues
Sun Caged- Artemisia
Sunchild- The Wrap
Sunrunner- Eye Of The Master
Sunshine- Victimisanothernameforlover
Super Adventure Club- Avoid Zombies
Super Inferno - White Night(CD single)
Supernal Endgame- Touch The Sky
Surefire- Surefire
David Surkamp- Dancing On The Edge Of A Teacup
Survivor- Eye Of The Tiger
Survivor- Reach
Nicky Swann- Matches & Dispatches
Swarbrick- Raison d'Etre
Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs- Under The Covers Vol.1
Sweet Cheater- Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
Sweet Jane- Sugar For My Soul
Sweet Savage- Regeneration
Sweet Sybil- Sweet Sybil
Sweethead- Sweethead
Swing Out Sister- Beautiful Mess
The Sword- Gods Of The Earth
Syanide Kick
Sybilla- The Invisible Sandglass
Sylvan- Presets
Sylvan- Posthumous Silence The Show
Symphony X- The Odyssey
Symphony X- Paradise Lost
System Shock- Escape


T Clemente Band- Illusions
Ty Tabor- Rock Garden
Takara- Blind In Paradise
Takara- Taste Of Heaven
Takara- Eternal Faith
Takara- Eternity The Best 93-98
Takara- An Invitation To Forever
Talisman- Five Men Live
Talisman- Seven
Talking Heads- Reissues
Tall Stories- Skyscraper
Talladega- Up From Beneath
Jay Tamkin- Alibi
Ken Tamplin- Wake The Nations
The Tangent - The Music That Died Alone
The Tangent- The World That We Drive Through
The Tangent- A Place In The Queue
The Tangent- Not As Good As The Book
Tangerine Dream- Mota Atma
Tangerine Dream- An Introduction To
Tangerine Dream- Essential
Tangerine Dream- Madcap's Flaming Duty
Tangerine Dream- Island Of The Fay
Tangerine Dream- Compilations
Tangerine Dream- Zeit
Tangerine Dream- Sorcerer
Tangerine Dream- Green Desert
Marco Tansini- Blues Garage
Tara's Secret- promo
Tara's Secret- Tomorrow The World
Tara's Secret- Vertigo
TAT- Live
Geoff Tate (DVD Audio)
James Taylor- One Man Band
James Taylor- Covers
Joanne Shaw Taylor- White Stuff
Joanne Shaw Taylor- Diamonds In The Dirt
Joanne Shaw Taylor- Almost Always Never
Julienne Taylor- Music Garden
Mick Taylor- The Shadowman
Otis Taylor- Definition Of A Circle
Sean Taylor- Walk With Me
Taz Taylor- Caffeine Racer
Taz Taylor- Welcome To America
Rachel Taylor-Beales- Dust And Gold
Claire Tchaikowski- Those Thousand Seas
The Tea Party- Seven Circles
Tears Of Anger- Still Alive
Tears of Anger - In The Shadows
Teaze- One Night Stands
Tegan and Sara- So Jealous
Awna Teixeira- Where The Darkness Goes
Teitur- Poetry And Aeroplanes
Teitur- Let The Dog Drive Home
Telegraphs- We Were Ghosts
Tellison- The Wages Of Fear
Templeton Pek- Scratches & Scars
Ten- The Essential Collection 1995-2005
Ten- The Twilight Chronicles
Ten Fold B-Low- For Those Who Share The Sun
Ten Years After- Evolution
Ten Years After- Think About The Times (The Chrysalis Years 1969-1972)
Tenacious D
Tenderhooks- Devil Rides White Horses
Tenderhooks- Eco Warrior
Tensheds- Crazy Beautiful
Terra Nova- Best Of + 5
Terra Nova- Come Alive
Mike Terrana- Man Of The World
Terraplane- We Survive
Terry & The Pirates- Comanche Boots/Too Close For Comfort
Tesla- Alive In Europe
Tess- Magpie
Texas- Red Book
Texas Tornados- Esta Bueno!
Theatre Of Tragedy- Storm
Hans Theessink- Slow Train
Theocracy- Mirror Of Souls
Therapy?- One Cure Fits All
Thessera- Fooled Eyes
Thin Lizzy- Reissues
Thin Lizzy- Greatest Hits
Thin Lizzy- Still Dangerous
Thin Lizzy- Reissues 2
Thin Lizzy- Reissues 3
Thin Lizzy- Reissues 4
Third Ear Band- Magus
Third Ear Band- Alchemy/Elements
The Third Ending
Sandi Thom- Flesh And Blood
Chris Thompson- Timeline
Chris Thompson- Berlin Live (CD/DVD)
Richard Thompson- Dream Attic
Teddy Thompson- A Piece Of What You Need
Steve Thorne- Emotional Creatures Pt 1
Steve Thorne- Emotional Creatures Pt 2
Steve Thorne- Crimes & Reasons
George Thorogood & The Destroyers- 30th Anniversary Tour
George Thorogood & The Destroyers- Bad To The Bone Thought Chamber- Angular Perceptions
Three Dog Night- Three Dog Night/Suitable For Framing
Threshold- Clone
Threshold- Critical Energy
Threshold- Critical Mass
Threshold- Subsurface
Threshold- Dead Reckoning
Threshold- The Ravages Of Time Best Of
Threshold- March Of Progress
The Thrills- So Much For The City
Holly Throsby- Under The Town
Thunder- Robert Johnson's Tombstone
Thunder- Bang!
Thunder- Rough And Ready
Thunderclap- Pick N Tell
Thunderclap Newman- Hollywood Dream
Thunderstick- Echoes From The Analogue Asylum
Tierra Santa- Indomable
The Tiger Lilies- The Brothel To The Cemetery
Tigertailz- Thrill Pistol
Tanita Tikaram- Can't Go Back
Tiles- Window Dressing
Tiles- Fly Paper
Steve Tilston- Such And Such
Time's Forgotten- Dandelion
Tinyfish- Tinyfish
Glenn Tipton - Baptizm Of Fire
Tipton,Entwistle,Powell - Edge Of The World
Tishamingo- Wear N' Tear
Tishamingo- The Point
TNT- Give Me A Sign (EP)
TNT- My Religion
TNT- All the Way To The Sun
TNT- Atlantis
TNT- A Farewell To Arms
To Cast A Shadow- All Alone
Tobruk- Wild On The Run
Tobruk- Wild On The Run (reissue)
To-Mera- Transcendental
To-Mera- Delusions
Tomorrow's Eve- Mirror of Creation 2 - Genesis II
Thomas Tomsen- Sunflickers
Tora Tora- Wild America
Torche- Meanderthal
Bernie Torme- Back To Babylon
Bernie Torme- Reissues
Toto- Live In Amsterdam
Toto- Falling In Between
Toto- Falling In Between Live
Touchstone- Wintercoast
Touchstone- Live In The USA
Touchstone- The City Sleeps
Tourist- The Relevance Of Motion
Devin Townsend- Synchestra
Devin Townsend- Presents Ziltoid the Omniscient
Pete Townshend- Anthology
Toxic- Fear
Toxic Federation- As One
Toxic Federation- Distance
Toxic Smile- I'm Your Saviour
Toyah- Velvet Lined Shell
Toyah - The Safari Records Collection Part 2: 1981-1983
Toyah- Toyah, Toyah, Toyah
Tr3nity- Precious Seconds
Tr3nity- The Cold Light Of Darkness
TRW- Rivers Of Paradise
Tracer- Spaces In Between
Tractor- John Peel Bought Us Studio Gear & A PA...
Tragik- Poetic Justice
Mike Tramp- More To Life Than This
Mike Tramp- Songs I Left Behind
Mike Tramp & The Rock N Roll Circuz- Stand Your Ground
Transatlantic- Live In Europe
Transatlantic- The Whirlwind
Traveling Wilburys- Collection
Pat Travers- Power Trio
Pat Travers- P.T. Power Trio 2
Pat Travers- Boom Boom Live At The Diamond 1990
Pat Travers- Stick With What You Know - Live In Europe
Pat Travers- Reissues
Treat- Coup De Grace
The Treat- In Technicolor
The Trews- No Time For Later
Tribal Tech- X
Triggersoul- Restoration
Trillion- Clear Approach
Tristania- Illumination
Triumph- We Live For The Weekend
Triumph- In The Beginning
Triumph- Reissues
Triumph- Reissues 2
Triumph- Greatest Hits Remixed
Walter Trout- Deep Trout
Walter Trout- Full Circle
Walter Trout- The Outsider
Walter Trout- Unspoiled By Progress
Walter Trout- Common Ground
Walter Trout- Blues For The Modern Daze
Robin Trower- Living Out Of Time Live
Robin Trower- Twice Removed From Yesterday
Robin Trower- The Playful Heart
Robin Trower- Reissues
The Tubes - Wild In London
The Tubes- Live In America
The Tubes- Goin' Down
Tucky Buzzard- Time Will Be Your Doctor - Rare Recordings 1971-1972
Tunisia- Two False Idols
KT Tunstall- Eye To The Telescope
Bruce Turgon- Outside Looking In
Turin Brakes- Outbursts
Joe Lynn Turner- JLT
Joe Lynn Turner- The Usual Suspects
Joe Lynn Turner- Second Hand Life
Joe Lynn Turner- Live In Germany
Juliet Turner- People Have Names
twentysevens- Sex Politics & Religion
Twilight Hotel- Highway Party
Twin Atlantic- Vivarium
Twisted Sister- A Twisted Christmas
Twisted Sister- Live At Astoria
Twisted Sister- Stay Hungry
Twisted Sister- Reissues
Twisted Sister- Still Hungry
Two Of A Kind- Two Of A Kind
Two Spot Gobi- The Sun Will Rise
Tygers Of Pan Tang- Live In The Roar
Tygers Of Pan Tang- Noises From The Cathouse
Tygers Of Pan Tang- Big Game Hunting - The Rarities
Tygers of Pan Tang- Animal Instinct
Tyla Gang- Yachtless
Type O Negative- Dead Again
Type O Negative- Bloody Kisses
Geoff Tyson- Slow, Mad Descent
Tytan- Rough Justice

Judie Tzuke- Songs
Judie Tzuke- Moon On A Mirrorball
Judie Tzuke- One Tree Less


UB40- Who You Fighting For?
U.D.O.- Metallized
UFO- Flying The Early Years
UFO- Showtime
UFO- The Monkey Puzzle
UFO- Reissues 1
UFO- Reissues 2
UFO- The Visitor
UK- Live In America
Uli John Roth- Beyond The Astral Skies
Uli John Roth- Metamorphosis
Uli John Roth- Best Of
Uli Jon Roth- Under A Dark Sky
Ultimate Fighting Championship- Ultimate Beatdowns Vol.1
Ultravox- Vienna/Rage In Eden
Ultravox- Quartet/Monument
Umphrey's McGee- Mantis
Uncle Mont's Quand'ry- Sorrow In Full Strut
Uncle Sid- Rock In The Universe
The Undercut- Soul Food Mother (CD single)
The Undercut - To Die For
Underground Ballroom- Contradictions
Underoath- Define The Great Line
Union- Live At The Galaxy Club
The Union- The Union
Union Mac- Lost In Attraction
Unruly Child- III
Unruly Child- Worlds Collide
The Urbane- Glitter
Urban Turbans- Turban Town
Uriah Heep- Magician's Birthday Party
Uriah Heep- Reissues
Uriah Heep- Chapter & Verse
Uriah Heep- Bird Of Prey - Best Of (CD/DVD)
Uriah Heep- Easy Livin' - The Singles A's & B's
Uriah Heep- Waking The Sleeper
Uriah Heep- Anthology
Uriah Heep- Celebration
Uriah Heep- On the Rebound
Uriah Heep- Into The Wild
Uriah Heep- Official Bootleg Vol.3: Live In Kawasaki Japan 2010
Uriah Heep- Official Bootleg Vol.4: Live In Brisbane, Australia 2011
UXL- Can I Dream Again?

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