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Album Reviews 2002-2012: Complete List incl. titles

In 2012 we have been migrating reviews to our Blog format where new album reviews are also posted. 

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M3- Rough 'n' Ready
Tony Macalpine- Collection
John Macaluso & Union Radio- The Radio Waves Goodbye

Tristan Mackay- Out Along The Wire
M.A.D.- For Crown And Ring
Mad Capsule Markets- Happy Ride
Mad Capsule Markets- 1997-2004
Mad Margritt- New Sensation
Mad Margritt- Straight Through The Heart
Mad Max- Night Of White Rock
Madding Crowd- Finding The I
Madison Paige-Famous Last Words
Madison Violet- The Good In Goodbye
Madness- Divine Madness
Madness- The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
Madness- One Step Beyond
Maestoso- Caterwauling
Magazine- Reissues
Magazine- The Peel Sessions
Magellan- Impossible Figures
Magellan- Symphony For Misanthrope
Magenta Seven
Magenta Broken (CD single)
Magenta Another Time Another Place
Magenta- Chameleon
Magic Numbers
Magic Numbers- Those The Brokes
Magnitude Nine- Decoding The Soul
Magnum- Brand New Morning
Magnum- The River Sessions
Magnum- On A Storyteller's Night
Magnum- Reissues
Magnum- Stronghold
Magnum- Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow
Magnum- Wings Of Heaven Live
Magnum- Into The Valley of the Moonking
Magnum- Classic Collection
Magnum- The Gathering
Magnum- The Visitation
Magnum- Evolution
Magnum- On The 13th Day
Emily Maguire- Believer
Mahavatar- From The Sun,The Rain,The Wind,The Soil
Brian Maillard- Melody In Captivity
Malloy- 88
Mitch Malloy- Best Of
Marcus Malone- Hurricane
Marcus Malone- Let The Sunshine In
Mama's Boys- Power And Passion
Mammoth- Larger And Live
Mammoth- Leftovers, Relics & Rarities
Man- Keep On Crinting: The Liberty/UA Years Anthology
Man- Live At The Keystone, Berkeley
Man- Diamonds & Coal
Man- Man
Man- Do You Like It Here Now, Are You Settling In
Man- Kingdom Of Noise
Manraze- Surreal
Manraze- Punkfunkrootsrock
Mando Diao- Bring 'Em In
Manfred Mann's Earth Band- Live In America
Manfred Mann- EMI Recordings 1963-1966
Manfred Mann's Earth Band- Bootleg Archives Vols 1-5
Manfred Mann's Earth Band- 40th Anniversary Box Set
Manitou- No Signs Of Wisdom
Mannish Boys- Lowdown Feelin'
Eric Mantel- The Unstruck Melody
Marcy Playground- MP3
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush- Reissues
Markonee- See The Thunder
Jennifer Marks- Promo
Marillion- Marbles
Marillion- Somewhere Else
Marillion- The Official Bootleg Box Set 1982-1987
Marillion- Happiness Is The Road
Marillion- Less Is More
Marillion- Reissues
Marillion- The Official Bootleg Box Set Vol.2
Marillion- Live From Cadogan Hall
Marillion- Sounds That Can't Be Made
Steve Marriott - Signed Sealed
Steve Marriott - Marriott
Steve Marriott - Anthology
Mars Electric- Fame Among The Vulgar
Bernie Marsden- Blues 'n' Scales: A Snakeman's Odyssey
Marseille- Fourplay EP
Marseille- Unfinished Business
JJ Marsh- Music From The Planet Marsh
Marshall Law- Razorhead
Marshmallow Overcoat- On Safari
The Mar-Tays- The Mar-Tays
Eddie Martin- Contrary Mary
David Martin- Something In Your Eyes
Tony Martin- Scream
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash- Argus Through The Looking Glass
John Martyn- And Live...
John Martyn- Live In November 1976
John Martyn- In Session
John Martyn- Grace & Danger (Deluxe Edition)
Mary's Creek- Some Kind Of Hate
J Mascis- Several Shades Of Why
Various- Mashed
Alex Masi- Late Night At Desert Rimrock
Mask (feat.Sonja Kristina) - Heavy Petal
Mask- Technopia
Conor Mason- Standstill
Masque- Look Out
Mass- Crack Of Dawn
Master Last- Mastery Of Self
Masters of Reality- Pine/Cross Dover
Mastodon- Blood Mountain
Mastodon- The Hunter
Matchbox Twenty- Exile On Mainstream
Glen Matlock & The Phillistines- Born Running
Mattafix- Rhythm & Hymns
Karen Matheson - Downriver
Krissy Matthews- Hit The Rock
Scott Matthews- Passing Stranger
Mattsson- Power Games
Mattsson - War!
Mattsson- Dream Child
Lars Eric Mattsson- Earthbound
The Mavericks (DVD-Audio)
The Mavericks- Live In Austin Texas (CD/DVD)
Max Webster- Reissues
Imelda May- Love Tattoo
John Mayall- Live At The BBC
John Mayall- In The Palace Of The King
John Mayer- Continuum
MC5- Are You Ready To Testify
Simon McBride- Since Then
Simon McBride- Nine Lives
Eamonn McCormack- Kindred Spirits
John McCoy- Unreal: The Anthology
Chantel McGregor- Like No Other
Sandra McCracken- Best Laid Plans
Sandra McCracken- No More Tears (CD single)
Rob McCulloch- Thoughts Alone
Brian Mcdonald- Voyage
Craig McDonald- Pies, Pasties & Rock N Roll
Michael McDonald- Ultimate Collection
Eleanor McEvoy- Special Edition
Eleanor McEvoy- Early Hours
Eleanor McEvoy- Make Mine A Small One (CD single)
Eleanor McEvoy- Out There
Eleanor McEvoy- Love Must Be Tough
Eleanor McEvoy- Singled Out
Eleanor McEvoy- I'd Rather Go Blonde
Eleanor McEvoy- Alone
Alex McEwan Beautiful Lies
Ian McFeron- Summer Nights
Kenny McGee
Michael McGoldrick - Wired
Eamon McGrath- Peacemaker
Scott McKeon- Can't Take No More
Ian McLagan & The Bump Band- Never Say Never
John McLaughlin- My Goal's Beyond
Tony McLoughlin- Ride The Wind
John McManus(Celtus)- Rivers Of Time
Pat McManus- In My Own Time
Ian McNabb- Great Things
Dave McPherson- The Hardship Diaries
McQueen- Break The Silence
Tom McRae- The Alphabet Of Hurricanes
MCM- Ritual Factory
Meat Loaf- Couldn't Have Said It Better
Meat Loaf- Bat Out Of Hell Live
Meat Loaf- Bat Out Of Hell II (Special Ed)
Meat Loaf- Bat Out Of Hell III
Meat Loaf- Hang Cool Teddy Bear
Meat Loaf- Hell In A Handbasket
Medicine Hat Old Time Rock 'N' Roll
Medicine Head Fiddler's Anthology (Greatest Hits Live)
Medicine Head- Only The Roses (CD single)
Medicine Head- Don't Stop The Dance
Medusa- Clash Of The Titans
Megadeth- That One Night - Live In Buenos Aires
Megadeth- Warchest
Megadeth- Anthology
Megadeth- Reissues (180g vinyl)
Mehida- The Eminent Storm
Hubi Meisel- EmOcean
Hubi Meisel- Kailash
Melanie C- Yeh Yeh Yeh (CD single)
Melanie C- Beautiful Intentions
Melbourne- Night Star
Meldrum- Blowin' Up The Machine
Mellow Candle- Swaddling Songs
Katie Melua- Call Off The Search (DVD edition)
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing- ...Cannot Be Killed By Coventional Weapons
Marco Mendoza- Live For Tomorrow
Mennen Freakzoid
Natalie Merchant- Leave Your Sleep
Mercury Rain- St Matthieu
Mercury Rev- Back To Mine
Meretto- Chainsaw Art
Mermaid Kiss- The Mermaid Kiss Album
Mermaid Kiss- Salt On Skin
Mermaid Kiss- Etarlis
The Merry-Go-Round- Listen,Listen The Definitive Collection
Don Mescall- Innocent Run
Messiahs Kiss- Dragon's Heart
Metal Church - A Light In The Dark
Metal Majesty- 2005
Metallica- Death Magnetic
Metamorphosis- Dark
Cherry Lee Mewis- Southbound Train
Cherry Lee Mewis- Heard It Here First
The Mexicolas- The Minerva Suite
Michael Schenker Group- The Best Of '80-'84
Michael Schenker Group- Reissues
Michael Schenker Group- Reissues 2
Michael Schenker Group- The 30th Anniversary Concert - Live In Tokyo
See also under Schenker, Michael
Michael Thompson Band- How Long
Bret Michaels- Rock My World
Ingrid Michaelson- Everybody
Micki Free - Gypsy Cowboy
Midnight Circus- Money Shot
Midnight Flyer
Mika- Life In Cartoon Motion
Mike & The Mechanics/Paul Carrack- Rewired
Mike & The Mechanics- The Road
Milburn- Lipstick Lickin (CD single)
Miles Above- Move Or Be Moved
The Milk- Tales From The Thames Delta
Millenium- The Best Of And More
Frankie Miller- Tribute
Larry Miller- Outlaw Blues
Larry Miller- Unfinished Business
Larry Miller- On The Edge
M.ill.ion- The First Two Million
M.ill.ion- 2004 EP
M.ill.ion- Kingsize
M.ill.ion- Thrill Of The Chase
Million $ Reload- A Sinner's Saint
Millionaire- Paradisiac
Tony Mills- Vital Designs
Paddy Milner- Walking On Eggshells
David Minasian- Random Acts Of Beauty
Mind Key- Journey Of A Rough Diamond
Nuno Mindelis- Free Blues
Mind's Eye- A Work Of Art
Mind's Eye- Walking on H20
Mind's Eye- Waiting For The Tide
Mind's Eye- A Gentleman's Hurricane
Mind's Eye- 1994: The Afterglow
Mindset 7- Blur
Mineral Kings- Metropolis
Mink Deville - Coup de Grace
Minus The Bear- Menos el Oso
minuscule hey
Minutian- Repercussions
The Mirage Tomorrow Never Knows
Misha Calvin- Reissues
Lisa Miskovsky- Fallingwater
Miss Quincy- Like The Devil Does
The Mission - Breathe Me In (CD single)
The Mission- Reissues
The Mission- Masque
The Mission- Carved In Stone/Grains Of Sand
The Mission- Neverland/Blue
Mister Kite- Box Of Fear
Mistheria- Messenger Of The Gods
Mistheria- Keys Of Eternity
Joni Mitchell- Shine
Lee Mitchell- Beneath A Moon Of Bone
Mob- The Greatest Enemy
The Mob - The Mob
Pierre Moerlen's Gong- Full Circle Live 1988
Mohair - In The Middle Of Nowhere (CD single)
Mohair - End Of The Line (CD single)
Mohair - Small Talk
Mojo Pojo- Mojo Pojo
Moksha- Here To Go
Molly Hatchet - Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge
Molly Hatchet- Take No Prisoners
Molly Hatchet- The Deed Is Done
Johnny Monaco- Overrated
Money- First Investment
Eddie Money- Shakin' With The Money Man
Eddie Money- Sound Of Money - Greatest Hits
The Monkees- Live Summer Tour
The Monkees- The Platinum Collection
The Monks- Suspended Animation
Michael Monroe- Whatcha Want
Montana- Starsign:Tarantula
Monte Montgomery- Monte Montgomery
Monte Montgomery- Reissues
Montrose- Montrose
Monty Python- Reissues
Moody Blues- Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970
Keith Moon- Two Sides Of The Moon
The Moondogs- The Blues'll Get Ya
Moongarden- Songs From The Lighthouse
Moonlight Comedy- The Life Inside
Moonspell- Memorial
Moonstone Project- Time To Take A Stand
Moonstone Project- Rebel On The Run
Gary Moore- Back To The Blues (DVD-Audio)
Gary Moore- The Platinum Collection
Gary Moore- Close As You Get
Gary Moore- Bad For You Baby
Gary Moore- Essential Montreux (5-CD)
Gary Moore- Live At Montreux 2010
Gary Moore- Blues For Jimi
Gary Moore- Legacy
Various- Give Us Moore - A Tribute To Gary Moore
Thurston Moore- Trees Outside The Academy
Vinnie Moore- Collection
Moraine- Manifest Destiny
Patrick Moraz- Reissues
Patrick Moraz- Human Interface
Patrick Moraz- Change Of Space
Morcheeba- Dive Deep
Morcheeba- Blood Like Lemonade
Moriarty- Gee Whiz But This Is A Lonesome Town
Moritz- City Streets
Morrissey- You Are The Quarry
James Morrison- Undiscovered
James Morrison- Songs For You, Truths For Me
Alan Morse- Four O'Clock and Hysteria
Neal Morse- Testimony
Neal Morse- One
Neal Morse- ?
Neal Morse- Sola Scriptura
Neal Morse- Lifeline
Steve Morse- Major Impacts 2
Steve Morse- Prime Cuts
Steve Morse & Sarah Spencer- Angelfire
Finlay Morton- Interpret This
Joshua Moses- Joshua To Jashwha
Mostly Autumn- Storms Over Still Water
Mostly Autumn- Heart Full Of Sky
Mostly Autumn- Glass Shadows
Mostly Autumn- Go Well Diamond Heart
Mother's Finest- Live At Villa Berg
Mother's Finest- Mother's Finest
Mother Mother- O My Heart
Motion City Soundtrack- Even If It Kills Me
Mötley Crüe- If I Die Tomorrow (CD single)
Mötley Crüe- Red White And Crue
Mötley Crüe- Carnival of Sins
The Motors- Reissues
The Motors- Tenement Steps
Motorhead- Overkill
Motorhead- Bomber
Motorhead- BBC Sessions & In Concert
Motorhead- Inferno
Motorhead- Reissues
Motorhead- All The Aces - Best Of (CD/DVD)
Motorhead- Kiss Of Death
Motorhead- Better Dead Than Motorhead (live)
Motorhead- Motorizer
Mott- By Tonight - Live 1975/76
Mott The Hoople- First
Mott The Hoople- Mad Shadows
Mott The Hoople- Wildlife
Mott The Hoople- Two Miles From Heaven
Mott The Hoople- Family Anthology
Mott The Hoople - Live Fillmore West,San Francisco
Mott The Hoople- Fairfield Halls, Live 1970
Mott The Hoople- Mott In Performance 1970-1974
Bob Mould- District Line
Mountain- Greatest Hits Live!
Mountain- Nantucket Sleighride
Mountain- Bootleg Series
Mountain- Over The Top - Best Of
Mountain- Anthology 1970-1974
Mother's Army- Planet Earth
Mouse- Lady Killer
The Move- The Move
The Move- Shazam
The Move- Looking Up
The Move- Very Best Of
Movies With Heroes- Nothing Here Is Perfect
Mozkovitch- Moskovitch
Mr Big- What If..?
Mr Big- Bitter Streets
Mr Day- Dry Up In The Sun
Mr Gil- I Want You To Get Back Home
Jason Mraz- We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
MSG- Heavy Hitters
Various- MTM Ballads
Various- 10th Anniversary
Various- MTV Headbanger's Ball 2
Various- MTV Unplugged 3
Mudbone- Fresh Mud
Mukul- Stray
Lotte Mullan- Plain Jane
Multi Purpose Chemical - Cult EP (CD single)
Mumm-Ra- These Things Move In Threes
Donnie Munro- Gaelic Heart
The Murder Of My Sweet- Divinaty
Charlie Musselwhite- The Well
My Chemical Romance- The Ghost Of You (CD single)
My Device- Jumbo Fiasco
My Luminaries- Order From Chaos
Myland- Light Of A New Day
Mystery- Beneath The Veil of Winter's Face
Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis (CD single)


N Justice - Soundtrack Of A Soul
Naked Flame- Animal Love
Anna Nalick- Wreck Of The Day
The Nash- Kicks & Glory
The Nat Martin Band- Don't Lose Your Cool
Adrian Nation- Fall Or Fly
Natural Acoustic Band - Learning To Live/Branching In
Natural Gas- Natural Gas
Derrin Nauendorf- The Rattling Wheel
Naughty Boys- Destiny Calls
Nazareth- Reissues
Nazareth- The River Sessions
Nazareth- Reissues
Nazareth - Bad Bad Boys (The Best Of)
Nazareth - Singles As & Bs
Nazareth- The Newz
Nazareth- The Anthology
Nazareth- Reissues
Nazareth- Reissues
Nazareth- Snaz
Nazareth- Big Dogz
Nazareth- Reissues
Neimo- From Scratch
Nektar- Man On The Moon
Nektar- Fortyfied
Nektar- Retrospektive 1969-1980
Nelson- Lightning Strikes Twice
Bill Nelson- Whimsy
Tracy Nelson- Victim Of The Blues
Neo-Prophet - The Feeblemindedness of the Inept and the Ignorant
Neo-Prophet- Monsters
Nerved- Off Line
Loz Netto- Bridge Of Dreams
Never The Bride- Surprise
Neverland- Reversing Time
Aaron Neville- Believe (DVD-Audio)
Aaron Neville- Devotion (DVD-Audio)
New Ancient Astronauts- Children Of The Vortex
The New Cars- It's Alive
The New Czars- Doomsday Revolution
New Riders Of The Purple Sage- Reissues
New Machine
New Project- Decay
New Rhodes- Songs From The Lodge
New York Dolls- Live At Royal Festival Hall 2004
New York Dolls- Dancing Backward In High Heels
Newman- Sign Of The Modern Times
Newman- Under Southern Skies
Tom Newman- Faerie Symphony
Martin Newnham- City Folk
Nexx- Colours
NFD- No Love Lost
NFD- Dead Pool Rising
NFD- Deeper Visions
Niacin- Live!
Niacin- Organik
The Nice- The Nice Collection
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds- Reissues
Nick Curran & The Lowlife- Reform School Girl
Nickel Creek- Why Should The Fire Die
Nickelback- All The Right Reasons
Candice Night- Reflections
Night Ranger- Dawn Patrol
Night Ranger- Midnight Madness
Night Ranger- Seven Wishes
Night Ranger- Hole In The Sun
Night Ranger- Rockin' Shibuya 2007
Night Ranger- Somewhere In California
Nightmare - The Dominion Gate
Nightmare- Genetic Disorder
Nightscape - Symphony Of The Night
Nightwish- Once
Nightwish- Highest Hopes Best Of
Nightwish- Imaginaerum
Willie Nile- Streets Of New York
Nimmo Brothers- Picking Up The Pieces
Nimmo Brothers- Brother To Brother
Nine Below Zero- It's Never Too Late
Ninefold- Superstar
Ninth Circle- The Power Of One
No More Kings- Astonish
Nobody's Business
Chris Norman- Handmade
Ian North- My Girlfriend's Dead
North Mississippi All Stars- Keys To The Kingdom
Northern Kings- Reborn
Northern Light
JK Northrup- Wired In My Skin
John Norum- Optimus
John Norum- Play Yard Blues
Norway- Rising Up From The Ashes
Novak Forever Endeavour
Ted Nugent- Reissues
Ted Nugent- Love Grenade
Ted Nugent- Motor City Mayhem/Sweden Rocks
Gary Numan- Jagged

Nutz- Tightened Up!


Ric Ocasek- Nexterday
Ocean Colour Scene- The BBC Sessions
Ocean Colour Scheme- Saturday
Esther O'Connor- Right Here
Hazel O'Connor- Hidden Heart
Octopus- Restless Night: The Complete Pop Psych Sessions 1967-81
ODi- Maslow's Songbook
Odin Dragonfly- Offerings
Officer Kicks- Citywide Curfew
Tony O'Hara- Escape Into The Sun
John O'Leary Band- Sins
Dolores O'Riordan- No Baggage
Oasis- Time Flies...1994-2009
OHM- Live on KPFK 90.7FM Pacifica Radio
Ryo Okumoto- Coming Through
Ol' Paint- Ol' Paint
Various- The Old Grey Whistle Test
Mike Oldfield- Platinum Collection
Mike Oldfield- Music Of The Spheres
Mike Oldfield- The Collection
Oliver/Dawson Saxon- It's Alive
Oliver/Dawson Saxon- Relanded...Plus
Omar & The Howlers- Boogie Man
Omar & The Howlers- Bamboozled
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmy Vaughan- On The Jimmy Reed Highway
On The Rise
On The Rise- Dream Zone
One Word Answer- 3 track EP
OSI - Office Of Strategic Influence
Orange Goblin- Healing Through Fire
The Orb feat. David Gilmour- Metallic Spheres
William Orbit- Strange Cargo 2
The Orbitsuns- Give The Orbitsuns What They Want
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark- Architecture & Morality
The Ordeal Kings Of Pain
The Order- Welcome To The Metal Casino
Martin Orford- The Old Road
Orion Riders- A New Dawn
Orion's Departure- The Light
Beth Orton- Comfort of Strangers
Kelly Osbourne- Changes
Ozzy Osbourne- Scream
Gilbert O'Sullivan- Gilbertville
OTR- Mamonama
Chris Ousey- Rhyme And Reason
The Outfield - Any Time Now
The Outfield - Big Innings Best Of
The Outlaws- Outlaws/Ladies In Waiting
The Outlaws- Hurry Sundown/Ghost Riders
Outloud- Outloud
Over The Edge- featuring Mickey Thomas
Overdrive- Let the Metal Do The Talking
Overhead- Metaepitome
Overhead- And We're Not Here After All
Overkill- Fuck You And Then Some/Feel The Fire
Overland- Break Away
Overland- Diamond Dealer
Ow- Moon Tan
Tim Ripper Owens- Play My Game
Oz Knozz- True Believer
Ozric Tentacles- Spirals In Hyperspace
Ozric Tentacles- Best Of
Ozric Tentacles- Waterfall Cities/The Hidden Step


Paatos- Kallocain
The Paddingtons - 50 To A £ (CD single)
The Paddingtons - Sorry (CD single)
The Paddingtons - Back To The Bus
Pagan's Mind- Heavenly Ecstasy
Pagoda- Pagoda
Paidarion- Behind The Curtains
Pain And Passion- Pain And Passion
Pain And Salvation- 12:5
Various- Paint It Black (Stones tribute)
Palace Terrace- Flying Through Infinity
Pallas- The Dream Of Man
Pallas- XXV
Nerina Pallot- Fires
Nerina Pallot- The Graduate
Angie Palmer- Road
Carl Palmer- 1PM
Carl Palmer- Working Live - Volume 3
Daniel Palmqvist
Pandora's Box- Original Sin
Panic Room- Visionary Position
Panic Room- Satellite
Panic Room- Skin
Paper Cuts- Born On A Slippery Slope (CD single)
Par Lindh Project- Time Mirror
Parade- The Fabric
Parhelia- First Light
Parhelia- Ocean's Apart
The Pariahs
Jak Paris- Electric Revolution
Paris-Keeling- End Of Ride
Graham Parker- The Official Art Vandelay Tapes Volume 2
Graham Parker- The Official Art Vandelay Tapes Volume 1
Ian Parker- Whilst The Wind
Ian Parker- Where I Belong
Ian Parry- Visions
Alan Parsons- A Valid Path
Alan Parsons- A Valid Path
Pathfinder- Fifth Element
Davey Pattison- Mississippi Nights/Pictures
Paul Raymond Project- Man On A Mission
Paulusma- iRecord
Henning Pauly- Babysteps
Pavlov's Dog- Echo & Boo
Pavlov's Dog- Live and Unleashed
Candie Payne- I Wish I Could Have Loved You More
Jackie Payne & Steve Edmonson Band- Master Of The Game
Alice Peacock- Who I Am
Stephen Pearcy- Rat Attack
Pearl Handled Revolver- Colossus
Kevin Peek- Awakening
Axel Rudi Pell- Mystica
Axel Rudi Pell- Diamonds Unlocked
Axel Rudi Pell- Tales Of The Crown
Axel Rudi Pell- The Crest
Axel Rudi Pell- Ballads IV
Axel Rudi Pell- Circle Of The Oath
Teddy Pendergrass From The Front Row - Live
Pendragon - Believe
Pendragon- Pure
Pendragon- Passion
Penniless- Anola
Peo- Look What I've Started
People On Holiday- Is It A Gnu?
Peppercorn- Barefoot
Pernice Brothers- Live A Little
Brendan Perry- Ark
Joe Perry
Mitch Perry
Hana Pestle- This Way
Jim Peterik- Above The Storm
Stephen Dale Petit- The Crave
Tom Petty- Highway Companion
Danny Peyronel- Make The Monkey Dance
PFM- River Of Life
Liz Phair- Somebody's Miracle
Phantom Blues Band- Footprints
Phantom Limb- Phantom Limb
Phantom X- Rise Of The Phantom
Phantom's Opera- Act IV
Phenomena- Psycho Fantasy
Phenomena- The Complete Works
Phenomena- Blind Faith
Anthony Phillips/Harry Williamson- Battle Of The Birds
Philpot- Until Hate Writes Better Than Love
Petra Jean Philipson- Notes On: Love
Phish- New Year's Eve 1995
Anna Phoebe- Gypsy
Anna Phoebe- Rise Of The Warrior
Phoenix- Phoenix/In Full View
Gary Pickford Hopkins- GPH
Pictorial Wand- A Sleeper's Awakening
The Pigeon Detectives- Up Guards And At 'Em
Piledriver- Piles Of Rock
Pineapple Thief- Tightly Unwound
Pink Cream 69- In10sity
Pink Floyd- The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Michael Pinnella- Enter By The Twelfth Gate
Dan Pinto- Anomalies
The Pirates- The Best Of 1977-1979
Place Vendome- Streets Of Fire
Places Of Power- Now Is The Hour
Planet P Project- Go Out Dancing Pt 1
Planet Of Women - Waking Up The Neighbourhood (CD single)
Planet X- Quantum
Robert Plant- Reissues
Plastic Crimewave Sound- No Wonderland
The Plastics- No Class Youth
Plasticland- Make Yourself A Happening Machine
Platinum Weird- Make Believe
Players- From The Six Corners
Pleasure Dome- For Your Personal Amusement
The P.L.O.T.- The P.L.O.T.
Plunge- Hometown Hero
Po' Girl- Follow Your Bliss
The Pogues- Rum,Sodomy and The Lash
Poison- Best Of
Poison- Reissues
Poison- Poison'd

Poison- Seven Days Live
Milan Polak- Straight
Ted Poley- Smile
Poley/Rivera- Only Human
Various- Police Tribute
Polly And The Billets Doux- Fiction,Half Truths And Downright Lies
Karine Polwart- Scribbled In Chalk
Jean-Luc Ponty- Electric Connection/King Kong
Poobah- Let Me In
The Poodles- Metal Will Stand Tall
The Poodles- Sweet Trade
The Poodles- Clash Of The Elements
The Poodles- No Quarter
Ben Poole- Everything I Want
Poor Genetic Material- Island Noises
Pope- Tall Tales And Cheap Thrills
Poppyfields- 45 RPM (CD single)
Porcupine Tree- Nil Recurring
Porcupine Tree- The Incident
The Portraits- Counterbalance
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals- Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Nic Potter- Reissues
Roxanne Potvin- The Way It Feels
Poverty's No Crime- The Chemical Chaos
Poverty's No Crime- Save My Soul
Powderfinger- Dream Days at the Hotel Existence
Cozy Powell- Reissues
Roger Powell- Fossil Poets
Power Project- Dinosaurs
Power Quest- Neverworld
Power Quest- Reissues
Power Quest- Master Of Illusion
Power Quest- Blood Alliance
Power World- Power World
John Pratt- Turn The Page
Prayer - Wrong Address
Praying Mantis- The Journey Goes On
Praying Mantis- Sanctuary
Pre-Med- The Truth About Us
Elvis Presley- Elvis The King
Elvis Presley- Complete 68 Comeback Special
Elvis Presley- Christmas Duets
Ben Prestage- Real Music
Presto Ballet - Peace Amongst The Ruins
Presto Ballet- The Lost Art Of Time Travel
Pretty Boy Floyd- Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz
Pretty Boy Floyd- The Ultimate Collection
Pretty Maids- Wake Up To The Real World
Pride Of Lions
Pride Of Lions- Roaring Of Dreams
Priestess- Hello Master
Primal Fear - Seven Seals
Primal Fear- New Religion
Primitai- Through The Gates Of Hell
The Primitives- Buzz Buzz The Lazy Recordings
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre- Reissues
Prinzhorn Dance School
Procol Harum- Secrets Of The Hive Best Of
Procol Harum- In Concert with The Danish National Concert Orchestra & Choir
Procol Harum- Reissues
Procol Harum- Grand Hotel
The Producers- Made In Basing Street
Various- A Compendium Of Progressive Rock 1967-1974
Various- Prog Rock
Proto Kaw- Before Became After
Proto Kaw- The Wait Of Glory
Prymary- The Tragedy Of Innocence
Psycho Motel- Reissues
Public Image Limited- Live At Rockpalast 1983
Public Symphony
Puck- Beyond Reason EP
Gary Puckett- Reissues
Pugwash- Giddy
Punch Brothers- Punch
Various- Pure 80's No.1's
Pure Prairie League- Live In America
Pure Reason Revolution- Hammer and Anvil
Various - Purple People
Pushking- The World As We Love It


The Quails- Master Of Imperfection
Quango- Live In The Hood
Quartz- Satan's Serenade
Quartz- Stand Up And Fight
Suzi Quatro- Back To The Drive
Quebe Sisters Band- Timeless
Quecia- This Is Where We Are
Quecia- II
Queen- The Cosmos Rocks
Queen- Singles Collection 1
Queen- Reissues
Queen- Deep Cuts, Vol.2
Queen- Reissues
Monica Queen- Return of the Sacred Heart
Queenadreena - Live At The ICA
Queens Of The Stone Age- Songs For The Deaf
Queensryche- Tribe (DVD Audio)
Queensryche- The Art Of Live
Queensryche- Operation: Mindcrime II
Queensryche- Sign Of The Times Best Of
Queensryche- Take Cover
Queensryche- American Soldier
Quicksand- Home Is Where I Belong
Quicksilver Messenger Service- Shady Grove/Solid Silver
Quicksilver Messenger Service- Various
Quiet Riot- Rehab
The Quill- In Triumph
Quireboys- Well Oiled
Quireboys- Halfpenny Dancer
Quit Your Day Job
Quit Your Day Job - Sweden We Got A Problem

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