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RILO KILEY ‘More Adventurous’
Brute/Beaute Records (2005)

Rilo Kiley

Rilo Who? Kiley Who? I approached this CD with some trepidation. For one, the only Kylie I know is the one with the cute bottom (I wish). The cover looks sort of indie and a quick look on the web suggest this could be some sort of alternative-country rockers or alternative rock crooners?

The first track It’s A Hit brings Blondie to mind as they might have sounded if they were starting out today. No bad thing. The second, Does He Love You? features a mellotron – now how cool is that?

The record company blurb acclaims Rilo Kiley as simultaneously bold and understated, bombastic and intimate, tragic and triumphant. On first listen I thought they’d been overdoing the happy pills, but after several listens d’you know what? They might just be right.

Rilo Kiley

It’s an album full of uplifting songs of heartbreak, traditional pop from the past and future, country music from the city, and all other manner of oxymoronic combinations.

Portions For Foxes again reminds of classic Blondie. Rip Chord is a ragtime with an a.m. radio type production, I Never is Dusty Springfield like soul. It’s a real eclectic mix. The Absence Of God and A Man/Me/Then Jim gentle ballads. Accidental Deth light pop. More Adventurous country. Love And War rocks.

This is Rilo Kiley’s first release with major label support and if they’re not careful their indie tag will be lost in their slipstream. It’s nice to hear a band unafraid to experiment with a variety of sounds and styles and make them their own.

There’s a lot going on throughout and while the vocals (Jenny Lewis) and guitars (Blake Sennett) are never short of uplifting, this album just gets better with every listening.


Review by Pete Whalley

Does He Love You

© 2005 Beaute Records. All rights reserved.

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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