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Album Reviews 2002-2012: Complete List incl. titles


In 2012 we have been migrating reviews to our Blog format where new album reviews are also posted. 

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V-Rats - Intelligent Design
Vacabou - Vacabou
Steve Vai- Where The Other Wild Things Are
Vain- No Respect
Vain- On The Line
Vainglory- Vainglory
Vajra- Pleroma
Valensia- The Blue Album
Valentine - The Most Beautiful Pain
Ed Vallance- Volcano
Van Der Graaf Generator - The Least We Can Do
Van Der Graaf Generator - H To He Who Am The Only One
Van Der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts
Van Der Graaf Generator - Godbluff
Van Der Graaf Generator - Still Life
Van Der Graaf Generator - The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome
Van Der Graaf Generator- Trisector
Van Der Graaf Generator- Live at Paradiso, April 2007
Van Der Graaf Generator- A Grounding In Numbers
Van Halen- Best Of Both Worlds
Van Halen- A Different Kind Of Truth
Van Morrison- At The Movies
Van Morrison- Best Of Volume 3
Van Morrison- Keep It Simple
Van Tramp- Wheels Of Fortune
Van Zant- Brother To Brother
Vanden Plas- Christ O
Vangelis- Odyssey - The Definitive Collection
Vanishing Point- The Fourth
Various- Influences & Connections Vol 1 (Mr Big)
Various- Songs for Luca
Various- Book Of Reflections
Various- Is It Rolling Bob?
Various- Happening,Alive and Nasty
Vatican DC- Make It Ride
Jimmie Vaughan- Plays Blues Ballads & Favourites
Jimmie Vaughan- Plays More Blues Ballads & Favourites
Stevie Ray Vaughan- Couldn't Stand The Weather Deluxe ed.
Vaughn- Traveller
Vega- Kiss Of Life
Suzanne Vega- Close Up Vol 1 Love Songs
Tom Vek- C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) (CD single)
Tom Vek - Nothing But Green Lights (CD single)
Velcra - Between Force And Fate
Velvet Revolver- Contraband
Velvet Underground- Rock Legends
Vengeance- Same/Same But Different
Venom - MMV (boxed set)
Venom- Metal Black
Venom- Cast In Stone
Venom- Resurrection
Venturia- The New Kingdom
Vertigo- 2
The Verve- This Is Music: The Singles 92-98
Vessels- Helioscope
Donnie Vie- Extra Strength
Elias Viljanen - Leadstar
Various- A Celebration Of The Music Of Greenwich Village
Donnie Vie- Wrapped Around My Little Finger
Gene Vincent- White Lightning
Phil Vincent- White Noise
Vincent Vincent & The Villains- Gospel Bombs
Vindictiv- Ground Zero
The Vines- Vision Valley
The Vines- Best Of
The Vines- Melodia
Vintage Trouble- The Bomb Shelter Sessions
Violent Storm- Storm Warning
Virgil and The Accelerators- The Radium
Virginia Wolf- Reissues
Viron- Ferrum Gravis
Vishusgruv- Dirty Litttle Secrets
Vitalij Kuprij- Forward And Beyond
Vixen- Live In Sweden
Voices Of Rock- MMVII
Voices Of Rock- MMIX High & Mighty
Volbeat- Rock The Rebel/Meet The Devil
Andreas Vollenweider- The Storyteller
Von Groove- Von Groove
Voodoo Circle- Voodoo Circle
Voodoo Hill- Wild Seed Of Mother Earth
Voodoo Six- First Hit For Free
Voodoo Six- Fluke?
Vox Tempus- 3-track sampler
Vox Tempus- In The Eye Of Time

Voyager- Univers


Amy Wadge- No Sudden Moves
Dick Wagner- Full Meltdown
The Wailin' Jennys- Bright Morning Stars
Rufus Wainwright- Release The Stars
John Waite- Ignition
John Waite- Downtown: Journey Of A Heart
Tom Waits- Real Gone
Rick Wakeman- Out There
Rick Wakeman- Reissues
Rick Wakeman- Tribute
Rick Wakeman- Live At The BBC
Rick Wakeman- Cirque Surreal
Rick Wakeman- The Six Wives Of Henry VIII Live At Hampton Court
Rick Wakeman (with Gordon Giltrap)- From Brush and Stone
Waking The Witch- Boys From The Abbatoir
Butch Walker- For You
Steve Walsh - Shadowman
War And Peace The Walls Have Eyes
Warfare- Metal Anarchy
Warhorse- Red Sea
Johnny Warman- From The Jungle To The New Horizons
Johnny Warman- Hour Glass
Warrant- Most Wanted
Warrant- Reissues
James Warren- Jim's Easy Listening Album
James Warren- Burning Questions
Warrior- The Wars of God and Men
Warrior Soul- Reissues
Ricky Warwick- Love Many, Trust Few
Ricky Warwick- Belfast Confetti
Was Not Was- Boo!
W.A.S.P.- Dominator
W.A.S.P.- Babylon
Waterclime- The Astral Factor
Waterclime- Imaginative
Ben Waters- Boogie 4 Stu: A Tribute To Ian Stewart
Jeff Watson- Around The Sun
Geno Washington The Return Of The G
Pete Way- Acoustic Animal
Pete Way- Amphetamine
Waysted- Back From The Dead
Waysted- Save Your Prayers
Wax- Magnetic Heaven
Web- i Spider
Jimmy Webb- Just Across The River
Wednesday 13- Skeletons
Ween- Quebec
Adrian Weiss- Big Time
Bob Welch- Greatest Hits & More
Kevin Welch- A Patch Of Blue Sky
Wentus Blues Band- Family Meeting
John West- Long Time No Sing
Leslie West- Got Blooze
Leslie West- Blue Me
Leslie West- The Great Fatsby/Leslie West Band
Leslie West- Unusual Suspects
W.E.T.- Wet
Wet Animal
Wet Willie- Reissues
John Wetton- Sinister
John Wetton- Rock Of Faith
John Wetton- Chasing The Dragon Live
John Wetton/Geoff Downes- Icon
Wetton/Downes- Icon Acoustic TV Broadcast
Wetton/Downes- Rubicon
Wetton/Downes- Icon 3
Whiskeytown- Strangers Almanac

Whisperwood- Whisperwood
Alan White- White
Doogie White- As Yet Untitled
Snowy White- The Way It Is
Snowy White & The White Flames- Little Wing
Mike Tramp's White Lion- Last Roar
White Lion- Return Of The Pride
Whitesnake- The Early Years
Whitesnake- Reissues 1
Whitesnake- Live In The Shadow Of The Blues
Whitesnake- Reissues 2
Whitesnake- 1987
Whitesnake- Good To Be Bad
Whitesnake- 30th Anniversary Colln
Whitesnake- Reissues 3
Whitesnake- Forevermore
Whitesnake- Live At Donington 1990
Whitesnake- Box O'Snakes
Whitewolf- Victim Of The Spotlight
Whitewolf-Live In Germany
Buddy Whittington- Six String Svengali
The Who- Endless Wire
The Who- Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
The Who- Greatest Hits And More
Wicked Minds- From The Purple Skies
Wide Mouth Mason- Shot Down Satellites
Widespread Panic- Night Of Joy
Widespread Panic- Live At Myrtle Beach
Widespread Panic- Earth To America
Wig Wam- Non Stop Rock N Roll
Wild Swans- English Electric Lightning
Wild T & The Spirit- Fender Bender
Wild Turkey- You And Me In The Jungle
Dani Wilde- Heal My Blues
Dani Wilde- Shine
Dani Wilde- Juice Me Up
WildeStarr- Arrival
Wildhearts- Top Of The World (single)
Wildhearts- Coupled With
Wildhearts- Chutzpah!
Wildkard- Megalomania
Various- The Wildlife Album
Various- The Wildlife Album Volume 2
Bernie Williams- Moving Forward
Dar Williams- The Green World
Dar Williams- The Beauty Of Rain
Kathryn Williams- Leave To Remain
Robin Williamson- Songs Of Love And Parting
Ann Wilson- Hope And Glory
Brian Wilson- I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Brian Wilson- That Lucky Old Sun
John Wilson- River Of Love
Kim Wilson- Tigerman/That's Life
Lyza Wilson
Ray Wilson- The Next Best Thing
Steven Wilson- Grace For Drowning
Amy Winehouse- Back To Black
Winger- IV
Winger- Demo Anthology
Winger- Live
Winger- Karma
Kip Winger- From The Moon To The Sun
Joff Winks- Songs For The Day
Winter- Matter of Time
Jodie Winter- I Can Hear Music
Edgar Winter- Rebel Road
Johnny Winter- Live In America 1978
Winter Parade- Two
Winterlong- The Second Coming
Winterlong- Metal/Technology
Winterstrain- promo
Winterstrain- Return To The Mirror
Steve Winwood- Nine Lives
Wire- Reissues
Wiser Time- Beggars And Thieves
Wishbone Ash- Tracks/Lost Pearls
Wishbone Ash- Backbones
Wishbone Ash- First Light/Tracks 3
Wishbone Ash- Argus
Wishbone Ash- Elegant Stealth
The Wishing Tree- Ostara
Witchcraft- Witchcraft
Witchfynde- Give 'Em Hell
Witchfynde- Stagefright
Witchfynde- Cloak And Dagger
Witchfynde- Best Of
Within Temptation- Faster
Wizard's Hymn- Hymnal
Wolf Mail- Live Blues In Red Square
The Wolfmen- Married To The Eiffel Tower
Joop Wolters- Speed,Traffic and Guitar Accidents
Alexander Wolfe- Morning Brings A Flood
Eric Woolfson- More Tales of Mystery & Imagination
Woolgather- Programmes Vol 1: The Pleasure Principle
Wolfunkind- The Album Of Maturity
Tommy Womack- Now What!
The Wombats- A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation
Various- Wondrous Stories
Ronnie Wood- Always Wanted More (compilation)
Ronnie Wood- Anthology
Ronnie Wood- I Feel Like Playing
Mitch Woods- Big Easy Boogie
Work Of Art- Artwork
World Party- Dumbing Up
World Party- Arkeolgy
WWE- Wreckless Intent
Gary Wright- Extraction/Footprint
The Wrights- Read And Yellow, Blue And Green
WT Feaster Band- Juggling Dynamite
Wycked Synn- The Vision
Robert Wyatt- Live 1974
Bill Wyman- Live In Berlin
Bill Wyman- The Solo Anthology 1974-2002
Bill Wyman- Best Of
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings- Live Communication
The Wynntown Marshals- Westerner


X-UFO- The Live Files
Xanadu- The Last Sunrise
Xander Demos- Guitarcadia
Xcarnation- Grounded
Xsavior- Caleidoscope

XXX- Heaven,Hell Or Hollywood


Y&T- Reissues
Yes- The Word Is Live (box set)
Yes- Live And Solo (box set)
Yes- Topography
Yes- Keys To Ascension
Yes- Fly From Here
Yes- Symphonic Live
The Yo-Yos- Given Up Giving Up
Yordan Orchestra- Psych Introduxeon/Bringing Ingredients Together
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johanssen- Break Up
Pete Yorn- Pete Yorn
Pete York- Into The Furnace
John Young Band - Live At The Classic Rock Society 2003
Paul Young- Chronicles
Roy Young- The Best Of 50 Years
Young Guns- All Our Kings Are Dead
The Young Veins- Take A Vacation
Peter Yttergren Another World


ZZ Top- Live From Texas
ZZ Top- Live In Germany 1980
Dweezil Zappa- Return of the Son Of...
Neil Zaza Staring At The Sun
Neil Zaza- Melodica
Zeeb- MockCockSpockShockRock
Zeelion - Steel Attack
Phi-Yaan Zek- Dance With The Anima
Zen Motel- Stations Of The Dead
Zeno Runway To The Gods
Zico Chain- Food
Zion Zion Ziroq
Mike Zito- Today
Mike Zito- Pearl River
Znowhite- Act Of God
Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction- Tattooed Beat Messiah
The Zombies- The Zombies And Beyond
The Zombies- Breathe Out, Breathe In
Zon- Astral Projector/Back Down To Earth
The Zutons- Tired Of Hangin' Around
Ezryn Zyzyx- Nobody Cares

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