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Feature: The Rising Stars : Rieser Podcast


Rising Stars Home


Rieser are (left to right) Mike Edie (bass, backing vocals), Graeme 'Chico' Chyla (drums), Chris Blar (lead vocals, guitar) and Greg Jones (lead guitar, vocals)

The GRTR! Rising Stars showcase features music, news and interview.

Rising Stars Episode 4 (available 9.03.08)

Featuring Rieser

1. Afterglow

from the album, 'Well Dressed Thief' (2007)

2. Rockstar

from the album, 'Well Dressed Thief' (2007)

3. Bad Guys

unreleased demo (2007)

4. My Crescendo (live)

unreleased  (2007)

5. Just Seen A Ghost

unreleased demo (2007)

6. Flaregun

unreleased demo  (2008)


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Website links

RIESER (Official website)

Rieser CD review (2007)

Interview (2007)


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