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Feature (update March 2006)

Natascha Sohl - a GRTR! favourite and one to watch... Natascha Sohl

Hiya Natascha. Tell us what you've been doing since we last spoke (in Dec 2005) and some of the highlights?

Well, let me think!! After a very chilled out Christmas and New Year, 2006 started the way I mean for it to go on, crazy!!! I've been back to the US twice already this year... My head'll be spinning soon!

I headed straight back out to New York for a couple of weeks in Jan. We got the drums, bass and guitar tracks laid down for a few more of the songs for the album and then spent a couple of days recording the vocals... Twas much fun, as usual!!

Since then I've pretty much been organising, having meetings and generally getting everything sorted out for the imminent release of Naked, the 1st single!! I've still been writing with my guitarist and trying to get myself about a bit really!!

The 2nd trip to New York was more for meetings and such.. I did a bit of writing too and had a couple of interviews - that was cool - I've done my 1st American radio interview!!

We were also filming a video diary of my time out there so people can see what I've been getting up to as well! If anyone wants to see it they can go here !!

Other than that I've been busy getting my new band together who are awesome!! I wanna get gigging again as soon as physically possible!!!!

How many tracks have you recorded for the new album, is the single 'Naked' typical, and how many have you co-written?

We've recorded 9 so far... just a few more to go!! It's nearly done and I can't wait till everyone can hear it!! There's a lot of variety on the album really...

'Naked' is typical in the sense that there's a lot of really hooky stuff on there... it's probably one of the more pop ones but I still think it rocks!! I'm very proud of all the new stuff and hope that you'll all love it too!!!

There are going to be 3 tracks that I didn't write on the album, purely coz I loved the songs and didn't want them to not be on there!! All the rest are co-written.

Tell us about your current musical collaborators and the creative process behind the new CD.

It's just been so much fun! I've been so lucky with the people I've been working with - they all rock!! Russ DeSalvo is the producer and an amazing song writer and guitarist... The other song writers are Arnie Roman, Tanya Leah, Martin Briley and Dana Calitri who are all amazing!!

I've collaborated the most with Russ, Arnie and Tanya, on various songs. We just all clicked so well, which is always great when you're working like this! We all were totally free to put in our ideas and things just seemed to take shape very easily - which is nice!!

Simon, my guitarist, and I have also clicked really well writing together, so it's great that we can keep the momentum up whether I'm here or there! There's gonna be quite a variety on the record!!

In a very fickle world where style often triumphs over substance, will you be dropping your denims for a more sophisticated look in the future? (i.e. last video and Naked CD sleeve)

Oh no, I don't think I'll ever give up my denim, I'm a jeans girl!!! But I am a girl's girl too so I do like to get glammed up from time to time, hence the apparent change of style in the new pics!! It's very much 'my style' tho - I like to mix and match all sorts of stuff so... keeps me interested - I love fashion, and luckily it goes very well with Rock and Roll!!

What plans have you got at the moment, shorter and longer term?

Well, shorter term plans are really just focussing on the 'Naked' release on the 17th... I'm doing a lot of promo stuff so I'm running around like a nutbag!!

I'm also off to LA pretty soon for a few meetings and then back to New York to get the rest of the album finished off... very exciting!!!

After that there'll be a ton more promotion to be doing as well as getting back on the gigs!! I can't wait for that!! I feel like I haven't gigged for a hundred years!! I've been rehearsing the new stuff with my band and it's sounding great so we're setting up a whole load of gigs very soon!! You can come and hear the new stuff for yourself!!!

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Interview © 2006 David Randall. All rights reserved. (March 2006)

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