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Van Hielan, the Scottish Van Halen tribute band feature Paul Logue who is also in Cry Havoc...

1. Brief biography of the band (how it formed/past gigs/releases, etc,)

I had played together with Stevie Durrand in Cry Havoc and he was also singing for Irn MacMaiden, which was really successful. Some of the guys from the Maiden tribute then went off to play with Gary Mullen (Stars in their Eyes Winner - Freddie Mercury) in his Queen tribute, so Stevie wanted to fill the gap and gave me a call to play 'Michael Anthony'. Being a big fan of VH I jumped at the chance. He already had Guitarist Cammy King in tow, whom I'd never heard but heard he was superb, and powerful Drummer Davie Gray (Peat Loaf / PH Family). We played a few gigs here and there and the highlight was opening for Magnum in Edinburgh (Liquid Rooms) thanks to Jason ;-) and our last gig together with this lineup at The Rock Cafe 2000 in Stourbridge. Davie was busy playing with a Wedding band and his time was booked, and Cammy was awesome but not what we needed for the FULL ON Eddie.

We auditioned for a drummer and got teenage sensation Gordon Campbell on kit - he is awesome! He walked in a played Hot For Teacher for his audition and WOW! We then managed to hook up with Eddie Van Halen look-a-like Dougie Graham - WOW - the Frankenstien guitar, the converse boots, the Ed smile and most importantly the CHOPS!!

After several months of rehearsing with the new lineup we are just about ready to rock and get back gigging. Our first date is in Glasgow on 24th May. The band lineup is completed by Paul Lindsay on keys.

2. Who were your influences?

I'll give you ONE guess!

3. Greatest achievement to date...

Still to come I think ... but up there has to be the Magnum gig and The Rock Cafe gig.

4. Current plans (CD's/tours)

We have recorded a 3 track CD (featuring Jump, Why Can't This Be Love & When It's Love). We will get this out to promoters and venues all over the UK and beyond if wanted. We are also talking to a label regarding the use of one of the above tracks on a compilation album.

5. What is the style/sound of the band?

A full on tribute to Van Halen - featuring DAVE and SAMMY eras.

6. Who is your most dedicated fan(s)?

Teresa Szewczyk from Dundee and Linda Romeo from Glasgow.

7. Band(s) you would most like to see reform and who should call it a day?

Van Halen WITH Sammy to reform. Call it a day ... hmmm .... Justin Timberlake.

8.What music are you all currently listening to?

Lots of VH, Marillion, Dream Theatre, Gun, Winger, Journey, Travis, BB Mak, Megadeth - a big mix !

9. What do you think of the state of the current rock music scene? Is it easy to get gigs?

Tribute - YES Original - NO

10. Where can the band be contacted at and how much/what CD's are available?

Our website is and our email is INFO@VANHIELAN.COM

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Interview © 2003 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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