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Classic Rock Productions CRP1720(2004)
Trev and Woody save the day...

David Bowie

Yet another in the ‘independent critical review series from Classic Rock Productions, and the companion to Inside Bowie And The Spiders 1969 - 1972.

It starts well, with an OGWT rendition of Five Years, but typical of this frustrating series, and just as you’re starting to groove, in comes a critic to tell us what the time signature is. So all we get is a 30 seconds snatch of the OGWT track. At least you feel Woody Woodmansey adds insight. Meanwhile our erstwhile critics tell us what instruments were played and how it was ‘probably the best track’ on Ziggy Stardust. We get two more snippets – 10 and 15 seconds without interruption, in between more stating of the obvious (Woody excepted).

Elsewhere we again we get insights from Trevor Boulder and like Woody, he’s good value for money. We get another great concert snippet of Suffragette City, but do we really need to be told ‘what a great simple track’, ‘it’s an amazing lyric’, ‘it’s a driving song, a motorway song’, ‘it’s a swaggering rock track’ and ‘who’s Henry? I don’t know’. And yet again more excellent footage is butchered.

And so it goes through Aladdin Sane, Pin Ups, and Diamond Dogs. More music, more Trev and Woody, and less bollocks please gentlemen.


Review by Pete Whalley

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