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Rising Stars


Swedish hard rockers Fatal Smile. If you like bands like Whitesnake/Sabbath/Dokken, then try this band out! Over to HB Anderson...

1. What are you currently up to?

Right now we're writing new material for a new album. We don't know at this moment when, where and how we're gonna record it but hopefully it will be during 2003. We also have some gigs & festivals coming up. Check out our website for updates

2. Who is/were your influences?

We are influenced by many. Everything from Ramones to Frank Sinatra. To mention a few; OZZY, Metallica, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath and many, many more.

3. Brief history of the band plus the style of music you play.

We write and play Hard Rock with a lot of attitude & raw energy, the way it was ment to be... No progressive or fusion adds, just some great rock'n roll music that kick's some serious ass!!!

It's in the same vain as the artists I just mentioned but with a production that fits in the music today.

4. What do you think of the current state of radio and the live music scene?

It's so all about the money. Find an artist with a cute face (not necessary a good singer) and get a song from a well-known producer/songwriter and sell the package to the radio stations. There are no genuine band thinkings who writes and perform their own stuff nowadays. That's bad and sad, cause that's why the "real artists" are into this.

5. How easy/hard has it been to get exposure for the band?

Definitely hard. It's tough to get peoples attention and make them listen and believe in what we believe in. There are so many great bands/artist out there who wants to make it happen and there are not enough room for everybody, sad but true. You have to try really hard to make it happen...

And never give up what you're believing in...

6. What has been the highlight(s) and low point(s) of your career to date?

The highlight must be the release of the album and the tour we've been doing during 2002. The low point is that we are in a very sad procedure against our former drummer, it is something I don't wanna mention here but I tell you that it's sad and very unnecessary.

7. Who have you toured with and would like to tour with in the future?

We have toured mainly by ourselves, but we have done gigs at the same festivals and venues with a lot of big acts as Bruce Dickinson, Motörhead,Ted Nugent, Halford...and we would love to do a thing with OZZY or Metallica ;-)

8. If you could create a fantasy band - what would be the line-up and why?

Eddie van Halen on guitar, Gene Simmons on bass Animal (from the Muppet Show) on drums,Glenn Hughes on vocals Elton John on piano

Why? Wouldn't it be a blast to see these guys try to rock together ;-)))

9. Any other bands/artists you would recommend checking out?

I'm very much into American bands like Incubus and Tantric. I highly recommend their recordings.

10. What CD's do you currently have available and where can they be purchased from?

Our debut album "Beyond Reality" is available all over the world. You can order the album from: , ,

11. Message for your fans?

Keep that Fatal Smile on your face and the boys from the band will rock your place!!!


Interview © 2003 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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