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Rising Stars


One of the leading lights in the UK melodic rock scene - for more tour details visit their website. Somebody sign them now!

1. What are you currently up to?

At the moment were about half way through writing our 2nd CD, hopefully to be recorded early 2003. We've just returned from playing a couple of gigs in conjunction with fellow yorkshiremen "Lost Weekend" on their new album release. Then we have a bunch of our own dates(visit for gig listings)which will take us to the end of the year.

2. Who were your influences?

All our influences vary, but the bands that helped mold our sound the most are probably bands like Thunder, Vaughn, Badlands, Tyketto, etc, anything with strong melody's and catchy hooks really.

3. Brief history of the band plus the style of music you play.

We are an unsigned 4 piece melodic rock outfit, formed late 1999, and basically played our way up the field until we started playing with the big boys. With the release of our new material, we are hoping to drum up some label interest this time, as we now feel that this is our best songwriting to date.

4. What has been the highlight(s) and lowpoint(s) of your career to date?

We've been very lucky in getting high profile gig's, but our greatest achievement was probably playing with U.S rocker Mitch Malloy on his UK tour late 2001. Being offered the Gods Festival this year was also a highpoint for us, a good lesson for us in terms of where we need to be musically. The lowpoints are struggling for recognition, having to play some smokefilled pub for 80 and feeling like your getting nowhere, when the day before you may have played to a sold out venue who thought you were great, and can't understand why you're not signed. It's all about striking a balance I suppose, but it can be frustrating at times.

5. How easy is it to gets gigs? What is the live music scene like in the UK & Europe? Have you ever played in the US?

I think if you work hard enough, the gig's are there to be found. It's just a matter of keeping yourself out there. We haven't had the opportunity to play outside the UK yet, so it's difficult to judge, but hopefully that will come.....

6. What do you think of the state of rock music at the moment? Is it still viable to tour the UK/Europe or are multi-festivals of a few bands the best way to play live now? Do you listen to radio much at all? Has the Internet helped music grow or hindered it?

It's hard to try and analyse the music scene, but I think that if a band is good enough, they will attract people. The internet has made it easier for bands to broaden their fanbase, which is great, and certainly helped us up the ladder, but we still believe in putting in the hard work and getting out there and playing and hopefully making it count, and we are gradually getting a bigger following.

7. What CD's do you currently have available and where can they be purchased from?

Our 3 Track EP "all things considered" and our full length album "As of Now" are available from both or

8. Message for your fans...

Simply, just a word of thanks to everyone who has believed in us and given us support over the last 3 years, and hopefully continue to do so in thefuture. Thank you!

Interview © 2002 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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