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Dave Burn is the guitarist in a UFO tribute band called UUFO (Double- U-F-O) as well as being the main man behind several other albums and solo projects. As well as being prolific in the rock genre Dave has also just completed a classical album, and has twice featured in the final of a guitar competion at Wembley, once as a solo artist and once as part of a band.

1. What are you currently up to?

I've just finished recording my 6th solo album Perceptions (, which I'm really pleased with as I managed to acquire the services of Tristan Greatrex, who, graciously produced the superb artwork for the album and I'm about to start the next which has a working title of The Woodcutter's Tale.

I'm also in the process of writing a tribute album to Paul Kossoff (A Long Way Down..) who died 30 years ago come March 19th, I'd like to have that ready for then. I've finished my first classical album Fortunato Nato (Born Lucky) which was somewhat of an achievement for me as I'm a self taught musician and I've started writing my second (Im Namen Der Liebe - In The Name Of Love). I've also just finished recording a version of Another Brick in The Wall Part II for the new Neptune Pink Floyd (Website) tribute album, which will hopefully be picked to go on that album - if not, I'm sure it will pop up later on one of mine! And finally I've just finished mixing the UUFO album Close Encounters which should be available by February.

2. Who was/is/are the biggest influences on you, musically?

Jimmy Page first and then Paul Kossoff, Leslie West, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Schenker, Dave Gilmour, Dweezil Zappa, Joe Satriani and John Bonham.

3. Tell us about your UFO tribute band. How easy or hard is it to get gigs and promotion for gigs?

The UUFO tribute thing is kind of in limbo at the moment as the vocalist Ritchie Bee has his own band gigging at the moment and I'm busy with my solo stuff. We decided 18 months ago that because we had no audio/visual from the band playing live that we would record the stuff for our own benefit. It's ended up a 3 album project. We're on the second album now, the third should be out in autumn

4. Please give us a brief history of your career and the styles of music you play.

I have played in hundreds of bands in the north-east of England for more years than I care to mention and gained a bit of a reputation, I part formed a band called Nobody's Fool who managed to win through to the final of Undiscovered Originals at Wembley in '99 playing original material which we put out on 2 self financed albums, Little Black Dress and Turn Another Page.

I performed in the final of the Guitarist of the Year held at Wembley the day after. Due to friction within the band it all fell apart, 3/4's of the band then formed UUFO, but I think there had been so much stress in the band over the previous 2 years and with the bass player leaving us in the lurch after a couple of months it didn't last a year, a shame considering we were going down an absolute storm every gig we played. I then had a break and started my solo career, building up a studio to record classic rock style melodic guitar based instrumentals.

5. What has been the highlight(s) and lowpoint(s) of your career to date?

Highlights would be just about every gig I've ever played, that's essentially what it's all about. Playing the guitarist of the year competition, (hate that word being associated with music! ) and right now being able to write and record my own albums under full control of them. If it sounds crap, it's my fault and vice versa... Low points would be the many broken promises you get in this business, Oh and when my Les Paul headstock snapped!!!!

6. What would you like to achieve ideally by the end of 2006?

At least another 3 albums of quality and more hits on my website and to have a band to gig my material with (that will be the hardest part)!!!

7. How important do you feel the internet is for promoting your music?

Extremely! In this day and age, had it not been for the internet I would not be having this interview, nor would have met Tristan and Batttttty etc, and it also means that you can get your music out there without a fortune having to be spent.

8. What has been your most rocknroll moment so far?

I'm living it!

9. What CDs do you have available, and where can we find out more about them.

I have 7 albums available and you can find them all at Website

10. Message to your fans?

Dont stop Rocking!! It means a lot to me that you don't!!!

Interview © 2006 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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