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Cry Havoc, a Glasgow based band with a classic melodic rock sound. Their debut album, 'Fuel Feeds the Fire' is out in September 2002 via Chavis Records Over to band member Paul Logue...

1. Brief biography of the band (how it formed/past gigs/releases, etc,)

Cry Havoc was formed in August 1994 by Graham McLeod and myself. We basically wanted to start a Melodic Rock band as that was the music that we loved so much. We put up ads in music stores around Glasgow and soon hooked up with Stevie A.Durrand (Vocals / Guitar) and eventually Davey Harkness (Drums). We immediately started writing our own songs and recorded a couple of demos. We signed to Now and Then Records and mixed our debut album, but 5 years later the album was still to be released by N&T and the band slowly dissolved. After a couple of years out, we decided to try and get the rights from N&T and shop the album to new record labels. We eventually ended up signing to US label Chavis Records and they will release our debut album "Fuel that Feeds the Fire" on September 30 2002.

2. Musical influences on the band...

Winger, Journey, Queensryche, Ozzy, Harem Scarem, Tesla, Y&T, Van Halen.

3. Greatest achievement to date...

Getting a 2nd Record Deal OR Supporting SKIN at a packed Cathouse in Glasgow.

4. Current plans (CD's/tours)

As mentioned above "Fuel that Feeds the Fire" will see the light of day 30/9, so there will be plans to gig in support of the album and we are talking to promoters just now about a few dates in England. We will obviously play a few shows in Glasgow, and aim to secure a decent support slot to a bigger named artist, but without the help of a manager or a UK based promoter that in itself is a very difficult task. We won't be partaking in any tour as such, unless someone wants to finance it.

5. What is the style/sound of the band?

Very 80s / early 90s sounding Melodic Rock. Big Guitars, powerful vocals and huge Harmonies.

6. Who is your most dedicated fan(s)?

Siobhan "Chev" Robinson, resident DJ at Jilly's Rockworld in Manchester.

7. Band(s) you would most like to see reform and who should call it a day?

I would love to see Van Halen with Sammy reforming, and Kiss of the Gypsy. I have a few people in my head who I think should defintely quit while they are ahead, but I'd rather not say, coz I might end up supporting them one day ha ha.

8. What music are you all currently listening to?

Loads of Van Halen. Plenty of current and old Hard Rock Music. I like some New Country as well too.

9. What do you think of the state of the current rock music scene?

It's OK. Rock is definitely coming back in some forms, albeit it's not my cup of tea, but it beats the hell out of the overhyped Boy / Girl band market - talk about milking the cow dry !

10. Is it easy to get gigs?

I suppose the answer is yes, but the hard part is getting a decent crowd. There's plenty of venues available to play, but there is no money in it for original bands and there is really a lack of interest. The bigger Rock bands still pull huge crowds, and getting a support with one of those guys would be ideal, but we try and try and try...

11.Where can the band be contacted at and how much/what CD's are available?

The band can be contacted at

Our website is although http://www.cry- is being developed and should be ready in time for the album release, which again is 30 September and can be purchased from for $9.99

Album review

Interview © 2002 Jason Ritchie/
Format and edit: The Music Index.

All rights reserved.

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