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CHRIS SINGLETON Troubadour, London
10 June 2010

Chris Singleton, along with his band who now have a name - the Distractions - are back at the Troubadour for the album launch gig of the new album 'Lady Gasoline'. The Distractions are Andy Fleet (piano), John Gibbons (backing vocals), Stelios Kalisperides (guitars), Zane Maertens (bass) and Ben Woollacott (drums), with John Gibbons and Andy Fleet both playing short support sets before the main event. John Gibbons has very soothing vocal not dissimilar to David McAlmont of McAlmont and Butler fame.

Backed by only an acoustic guitar it made for a good start to the evening. Andy Fleet's music was more in the jazz/easy listening genre and he was backed by a trumpet player. Perfectly pleasant but not my personal cup of tea.

Chris Singleton and the Distractions took to the stage to a rousing reception and quickly tore into a very heavy version of 'Get Up'.

To this day how this song never become a hit single is beyond me as it is a perfect example of pop rock if ever there was one.

The title track of the new album followed and like the debut album 'Twisted City', the songs sound just as good played live as they do on the album.

There was a good smattering of new songs tonight including 'Let Me Out', 'Lose It' (both are instant pop rock gems) and 'Lou Reed' a song that gives a clue to another of Chris Singleton's musical influences.

The whole gig had a relaxed air with good natured banter and thank you's from Chris throughout the set to various people in the audience.

Having only heard the new album a few times before the gig the new songs have a lot more going on musically and the band ably manage to recreate this tonight.

Nice to have a few 'oldies' of 'Twisted City' including the title track, 'Tonight' and 'Worry Number One'. Chris and the band gel very well and after tonight's warm reception to the new songs it bodes well for the album release.

If there was any justice in the musical world Chris Singleton and the Distractions along with fellow pop rockers Jackdaw4 and Farrah should be household names.

The beauty of Chris's songs are the everyday lyrics people can identify with wrapped in coating of musical pop rock bliss. My advice is grab the album (and 'Twisted City' which you can download for free!) and go see them live.

Review by Jason Ritchie

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