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HANOI ROCKS Buried Alive
Backstage Alliance (2009)
Excellent souvenir of much-missed band...

Hanoi Rocks

In their original incarnation, between 1979 and 1985, Hanoi Rocks became one of the most influential bands of their genre - without them the careers of bands such as Poison, Guns N Roses and Motley Crue may have taken a very different path, even the likes of Dave Grohl, Acey Slade and Mike McCready have cited the band as an influence. So when the band reformed in 2002 after a 17 year hiatus, albeit with only vocalist Michael Monroe and guitarist Andy McCoy from the original line up, fans of the band were over the moon- now after 7 years and 3 albums the band have once again called it a day.

Back in April of this year the band played their final shows- 8 gigs over 6 days at The Tavastia Club in Helsinki, new DVD 'Buried Alive' captures Hanoi Rocks' last ever show and is a fitting tribute to this well loved band. Featuring 32 tracks spanning the band's entire career, with no overdubs or studio twiddling- this is the whole concert exactly as it was on the night. The chemistry between the band, and the interplay between them- combined with raw energy and the fact that they seem to be having fun whilst up there on stage makes this gig a virtual classic. Yes, there are points where Monroe's voice sounds like he has done 8 gigs in 6 days but, hey- this is raw rock n' roll at it's best.

Guest appearances from original member Nasty Suicide on guitar and former drummer Lacu on percussion add to the sense of occasion and it is amazing to see how many of the audience, in particular the girls in the front row, are young enough to not have been around during the bands former heyday.

Extras include a behind the scenes documentary of the bands last week, which at 12 minutes feels like it could have been longer- and a photo gallery, also of the last week of Hanoi Rocks.

As I have said, the band will be sorely missed by its many fans - however, 'Buried Alive' does a very good job of capturing Hanoi Rocks as we would all like to remember them.


Review by Nikk Gunns

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
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** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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