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JOE BONAMASSA Live From Nowhere In Particular Provogue (2008)

Joe Bonamassa

On tour for the acclaimed album Sloe Gin, this double live CD was recorded during late 2007 and early 2008, and showcases the material well.

This man is rightly heralded as a young blues genius and the guitar work is as excellent on stage as in the studio.

Early on we get "Bridge To Better Days", "Walk In My Shadows" and "So Many Roads", which mix pace and feeling, and the balance of blues and rock is spot on. From rock to boogie and back again. Think Walter Trout in places, and the intro to "India/Mountain Time" has a Blackmore feel, before the track moves to a smooth almost AOR blues. A contrast is the following "Another Kinda Love", a more uptempo Pat Travers feel, and the track "Sloe Gin" is a slow pleasure that builds nicely.

In places the keyboards work very well and augment the guitar, but occasionally there is a cheesy organ that gives a bar/lounge feel.

That said, Bonamassa's vocals are as heartfelt as the guitar; check out the acoustic intro to "Ball Peen Hammer" on disc 2 and you'll know what I mean.

"Django / Just Got Paid" is a lengthy (18 minute) workout with a solid guitar solo, and changes in pace and melody to keep your attention.

The problem with live compilations is you don't know what's edited out, in terms of song introduction or just general banter. This CD features virtually none, with what little there is faded out quickly. Purists may argue: let the guitar do the talking, but you may as well listen to the studio albums for that.

A good live album, some great blues music, but bar the one lengthy work out, perhaps not what you'd call representative of a live show.


Review by Joe Geesin

GRTR! Recommended

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