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Singles Bar: February 2007

We've listed singles/EPs/demos in order of star rating. Best first.

MARILLION See It Like A Baby (Intack Records)
Release date 26.03.07

They're back...a Marillion album is always an event and this track heralds 'Somewhere Else' released in April.

I always find their recent CDs difficult to get back into after a few plays, and sometimes difficult to extract a 'catchy' tune that retains its time-signature throughout.

'See It Like A Baby' is fantastic. It's an ambient, groove-thing that might even appeal to a Stone Roses/Ian Brown fan. Even Rothery sounds chilled, his guitar drifting in and out and understated.

I must say I'm a 'Holidays In Eden' man myself, I don't think the band have ever topped that for straight tug-on-the-heart strings melodic rock. OK, that statement is distinctly uncool. This single isn't. Buy or download without fear or shame. *****

Review by David Randall

LOGAN Hallowed Ground Release date 26.02.07

Highly-rated UK band, they have honed their skills, and post-Grunge American rock sound, supporting Alter Bridge.

Although this sounds like a Nickelback outtake, there is nothing actually wrong with that and it leaves you wanting to hear more.

Everything is in the right place, the guitars fizz, the vocals defy their native origin and their age, and the chorus is catchy. All the ingredients, then, to take Logan beyond the support slot. ****½

Review by David Randall

iLiKETRAiNS Spencer Perceval (Beggars Banquet)

Leeds based iLiKETRAiNS add to their already accomplished catalogue of new prog with yet another change of label and a nine and a half minute spectacular release telling the story of the only successful assassination of a British Prime Minister - Spencer Perceval in 1812.

While the song is sung from the perspective of murderer John Bellingham, the b-side I Am Murdered, looks at events from Spencer's end of the gun.

Packed with the atmospheric soundscapes and vocals that iLiKETRAiNS are becoming renowned for, the song builds and builds to a glorious cacophony that will delight fans and be massive at gigs.

It's a number that fits neatly into their existing setlist, bodes well for their forthcoming full debut album, and keeps iLiKETRAiNs on track to be one of the bands to watch in 2007. ****

Review by Pete Whalley

THE ANSWER Be What You Want Albert Productions

Possibly one of the weakest tracks on the band's excellent debut album from last year, although still a good tune and one sure to gain wide airplay due to its slower vibe.

Also on here are a cover of Aerosmith's 'Sweet Emotion' - great fun, an acoustic take on 'Into The Gutter' and a live version of the excellent 'No Questions Asked'. Can't wait for the band's second album! ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

THE ALIENS Setting Sun Pet Rock Records/EMI

This single trails the band's new album due on March 19. If it's typical, the album will be worth investigating.

The song rattles along, think of some sixties psychedelic guitar extravaganza with a dash of The Stranglers in the organ department.

The Aliens sound like they spent their formative years absorbing US guitar pop rock of the sixties, but they are Edinburgh Art College students who were in the original Beta Band, an experimental folk/rock/dance outfit who achieved cult status. Infectious, uplifting, and worthy of a wider audience. ****

Review by David Randall

THE VASELINE RATS 4 track Demo CD Website

Having recently toured and recorded with original Judas Priest vocalist Al Atkins, the VR are now recording their own material and pretty good it is too.

Opener 'Et Al' is a solid rocker. Like the second track 'So Over You', it's not all shrill, it's a solid dark heavy sound of modern hard rock. A touch sleazy, with a sense of rock'n'roll.

All 4 tracks are top notch metal. Well worth checking out. ****

Review by Joe Geesin


A very talented young singer/songwriter based in southern England. This three track sampler CD is very good and he is streets above the blandness of James Blunt.

Pick of the tracks has to be 'Changing Now', with Winslett hitting the high notes towards the end of the tack. Not unlike REM is sound at times, whilst 'Imaginary Friend' is another fine tune and Winslett again displays a very rich, strong voice.

Highly recommended and worth a listen on his MySpace site. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

BLOOM Shoulder to Cry On

The band release their debut album in the summer but prior to this comes this single released in March.

Along with a tune by Snow Patrol this has been chosen as part of the anti-bullying campaign and a worthy song it is too. Hints of Pearl Jam (but with a decent vocalist!) and even Coldplay in the backing arrangements.

Worthy of chart success on the tune alone and their debut will be one to watch out for this summer. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

BEANGROWERS I Like You Series 8 Records

Berlins Beangrowers are a female fronted trio, reminiscent of Blondie - and at times slightly new wave sounding.

This 2 track CD is a great intro to the band, who are about to release their third album 'Dance Dance Baby'.

With their perfect mix of bass led melodies, guitar based pop and electronic feel I can see the band doing very well. ****

Review by Nikk Gunns


This is an advance trailblazer for the album due on March 12: 'Sound Of Silver'.

James Murphy, bandleader, DJ and producer/remixer, is the mastermind behind this infectious dance track. Imagine The Knack's 'My Sharona' with added electronica and see if the insistent rhythm doesn't upset a quiet evening in with the pipe and slippers.

Available in remixed versions, Murphy is on tour in the UK in March to promote both this and the album. ****

Review by David Randall

LATONIC Twisted Devotion

Latonic's debut single - Turn On The Sky - was an excellent piece of pop/rock with the vocal attitude of Oasis, pop sensibilities by the bucketful and the power of Queen, The Who and Def Leppard.

Here at GRTR! we marked the band as a definite maybe, and one to watch. Well the good news is that the band has delivered again with Twisted Devotion. Another excellent power pop number the single shows that the band are no one trick ponies. ***½

Review by Pete Whalley


I was ready to like Jeremiah even before the needle hit the vinyl (OK, it's a CD release, but you know what I mean). Why? Well for no other reason than the CD came in a jewel case and I had hopes it might not be some crappy indie self-delusional nonsense that seems to arrive through the GRTR! letterbox with monotonous regularity since myspace gave every nobody a virtual stage.

And, thankfully, the man has a genuine pedigree in the New York rock music scene, although the Dog Days 5 track CD is his first solo outing.

'Dog Days' itself has a grungy 70's rock feel while 'Fly Away With You' is a cool acoustic number. But the pick of the bunch are 'Ain't No Angel' with some searing lead guitar work, and the catchy 'Wicked World'.

The set is completed by another acoustic ballad - 'Always Dreaming Of You', and at least the man knows which end of the guitar to hold. ***

Review by Pete Whalley

MAD STARING EYES Walking In The Streets

A retro pop sound, a nice mix on the bass, the quirky pop end of the Stones or The Jam with a touch of Sparks for 2006.

Pop that should do very well. ***½

Review by Joe Geesin

THE WOMBATS Backfire at the Disco (Kids)

Liverpool threesome The Womats Matthew Murphy (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dan Haggis (drums, vocals) and Tord Overland Knudsen (bass, vocals) return with their third single and live crowd pleaser Back at the Disco, produced by Jimmy Robertson (Klaxons) and mixed by Steve Harris (Kaiser Chiefs).

Still unsigned, but attracting massive interest - they recently sold the 500 capacity Liverpool Academy 2 and will shortly headline the 1200 capacity Academy 1 - continue their Scouse assault to be the next Arctic Monkeys with their brand of carefree indie pop. Infectious and witty, but that's Scousers for you. ***½

Review by Pete Whalley

FAHRENHEIT 451 The Battleground Is Everywhere EP

From their forthcoming album, this EP shows this young band well, with a punk edge. Imagine if the Sex Pistols could actually play and had a pop metal interest.

First track fast and furious, second one has a nice melody, with some harmony in the chorus. Third track more of an acoustic ballad, a let down compared to the first 2.

Largely a lot better than most guitar pop bands are or try to be. ***

Review by Joe Geesin

FURYON 32 Hours EP

The guitar work on track one kicks off kind of alternative, heavy, but the track then moves to straight modern metal .Crunchy, a little industrial.

Second track has a neat lead riff, but the solo over the top is lost in the mix, and the vocals don't quite match the song. A little disjointed in a pleasant metal way.

Third track has a Black Sabbath like riff, a good start. Alternative vocals.

Solid heavy metal, should do well but nothing startling. ***

Review by Joe Geesin

JOY Surrender

This new Derby band formed a the beginning of 2006, the twin guitar doing them credit.

At the light (Ie guitar pop) end of rock/post hardcore, 'Boxer Broadcast' is a good number.

'The Waiting' features an Iron Maiden element in the guitar with a decent melody.

'Chase HQ' is tad punkier.

Should do well. ***

Review by Joe Geesin

CAPDOWN Surviving The Death of A Genre (Fierce Panda)

Doubtless they have their fans but Capdown's indie/ska sound does little for me I am afraid. It is listenable enough but not a tune you'd be playing in a year's time I am sure.

Like many a band they will be here today gone tomorrow. **½

Review by Jason Ritchie

THE ADVENTURES OF LOKI Feminine Side 16 Tons (Cat No TON04)

The Adventures Of Loki played at last years Reading and Leeds Festivals and won the Best International Newcomer award at Toronto's NxNE.

The band draws their influences from the likes of L7, The Pixies and The Dead Kennedys, and this 5 track EP shows that.

From the raucous, energetic feel of title track 'Feminine Side', the slightly more melodic 'Fast, Faster, Fastest' and the outstanding 'Punch Drunk Sunday' there is a slightly repetitive feel to the songs but this works well overall, as does the mix of boy/girl vocals. **

Review by Nikk Gunns

THE HAIKU Not Enough People Are Wearing Hats

The Haiku are an acoustic band (or duo) - Phil (acoustic and jumping around) and Bert (percussion and beard) hailing from the Midlands. With vague hints of Genesis (at least somewhere in the song writing on Things Will Get Better) and influenced by just about everyone, it's not an objectionable sound (except on Blind Man Takes The Gun where the rhythm sounded like the CD was stuck) and probably sounds fine in a pub - which is where you'll most likely find them.

But in truth it's nothing more than glorified busking (and frankly I've heard better buskers). Stardom does not beckon anytime soon. **

Review by Pete Whalley

THE MAPLE STATE Joanna/Wood And Rain

The ease with which you can make a single (or album) these days and the ease with which you can have a myspace page, seems to make just about everyone think they're a creative genius.

Which makes me wonder whether there would be a market for a CD of me farting in the bath.

I digress. The Maple State are (yet another) myspace wannabe band. They may well have played in front of thousands and appeared in the second High Voltage competition. And of it's sort (indie rock), they've not an offensive sound. But you can hear this sort of stuff in a pub near you anywhere up and down the land. **

Review by Pete Whalley

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