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Palace Theatre, Manchester 3 October 2007

This was a show that I've been looking forward to for a long long time...Unfortunately I never got to see Supertramp and always regretted not doing so.

Roger Hodgson

Photo: Lee Millward/GRTR!

The news that Roger Hodgson was to do a short UK tour this year was music to my ears. This was the best £35 that I have spent in many,many years of going to see live bands.

8pm Roger strolled on stage for his performance, and what a performance it was! Most of the audience ranged from long time Supertramp fanatics to that of their children brought up on the band's music.

Roger Hodgson

Photo: Lee Millward/GRTR!

Roger's reportoire comprised of old favourites such as Give A Little Bit, Hide In Your Shell, 'Dreamer', 'The Logical Song' and 'It's Raining Again'.

As well as the older classics he treated us to tracks from his solo albums such as Lovers In The Wind, Oh Brother ,and the sublime Along Came Mary.

Occasionally Roger had support on stage in the form of Aaron Macdonald and told us the story that when he performed in Canada, he discovered Aaron playing the saxophone in an orchestra for one of his songs and “kidnapped” him and Aaron has been with Roger ever since that night.

Roger Hodgson

Photo: Lee Millward/GRTR!

Highlights of the concert included an extended version of Breakfast in America, Along Came Mary, the footstomping Dreamer,and the final encore of Give A Little Bit.

The saxophone work of Aaron McDonald was so good that whilst closing my eyes I had to think for a split second as to whether I was hearing Aaron McDonald or John Helliwell!

Aidan Macdonald

Photo: Lee Millward/GRTR!

As well as all the wonderful songs, Roger interacted with the audience on a very warm and personal level allowing genuine audience participation, and generating quite possibly the best atmosphere I've ever felt at a show.

I hope that Roger returns to these shores in the not too distant future and would urge anyone with even a passing interest in his music to go and see him...You'll not be disappointed!

Roger Hodgson

Photo: Lee Millward/GRTR!


Give a Little Bit - Lovers in the Wind - Hide in your Shell - Oh Brother (or Keep the Pigeons Warm) - Easy Does It - Sister Moonshine - The Logical Song - Rosie Had Everything Planned - Along Came Mary - The Meaning - Breakfast in America - Even in the Quietest Moments - Lord, Is It Mine - Don't Leave Me Now - If Everyone Was Listening - Dreamer - It's Raining Again


School - Give a Little Bit

Review and photos by Lee Millward

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