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MOTORHEAD ‘Overkill’ (Silverline 288189-9)(2003)


Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister is one of the most important artists in the history of Rock music. After being fired from Hawkwind (gods) in 1975, Lemmy decided to form a band called "Bastard!. His manager at the time explained Lemmy that with a name like that he could forget all about "Top of the Pops", the only show which could offer his band the recognition he craved, so the solution was to change the band's name to Motorhead. Lemmy hired Larry Wallis on the guitars and Lucas Fox on the Drums and the first Motorhead line up was complete.

During the same year the band entered the studio and started recording their material. For some strange reason Lucas Fox decided that he no longer wished to be member of the band (I'm pretty sure that this was the worst decision he ever made in his life) and gave his place to a young and very talented musician called Phil "Animal" Tailor.

In the early 1976 the recordings were finished but their record label at the time decided not to proceed with any release (the material was released three year later - "On Parole"). Lemmy decided that what Motorhead really needed was a second guitar player so he recruited "Fast" Eddie Clarke. During Eddie's auditions Larry Wallis decided to leave Motorhead and the legendary trio, which was destined to torture our ears for good, was born.

With this line up they signed with Chiswick records and in 1977 created their "first" album simply called "Motorhead". Any decent manager could realise that Motorhead deserved something much better that Chiswick records so the band pulled out the Chiswick deal and signed with Bronze Records.In the last months of 1978 the band entered the studio to begin the recordings of their first successful album called Overkill. This album helped the band create the core of their loyal fan base, their songs climbed the charts and made the name Motorhead known to the world - the rest is history...

I am quite attached to this album since it was the first full-length i have ever listened. How can you not love an album which contains so many Motorhead classics starting with the opening track of the album "Overkill". This is definitely one of the best Motorhead songs ever recorded and the track that Lemmy normally chooses as the farewell track for most of his concerts. Fast drums, loud guitars and dirty bass tunes - all the things which best describe Motorhead!

Next comes "Stay Clean", another Motorhead classic and a great riff by Clarke. The next two tracks of the album, "(I Won't) Pay Your Price" and "I'll Be Your Sister" are decent Motorhead tunes but cannot be compared to "Capricorn"(love the guitars on that song) and "No Class" which follow. "Damage Case" and "Tear Ya Down" will make you headbang like there's no tomorrow and will do their best to prepare you for "Metropolis", another classic. The first time Motorhead played in Greece Lemmy introduced the song as "Acropolis" (for obvious reasons...). "Limb From Limb" is a great song which could have been written by Jimi Hendrix and the last song from the original recordings.

This DVD also contains five bonus tracks: "Too Late, Too Late" (B-side of Overkill single) with it's great main riff and solo, "Like A Nightmare (B-side of No Class single), "Louie, Louie"(loved by all the Motorhead fans, and not just them), an instrumental version of "Tear Ya Down" and an alternate version of "Louie, Louie".

There is also a photo gallery with some really interesting pictures, Liner Notes with the history of the band, and a section where you will be given instructions as to how you can set up your surround system for better results.

Motorhead represent the true spirit of Rock & Roll: Dirty, fast and uncompromising. "Overkill" is one of the best albums to introduce you to the magic world of the pioneers of Metal Music , if you are not acquainted to them (kind of difficult) and a must have for all the Motorhead bangers out there!

Louie,Louie? A tsatsatsatsatsa.....


Review by John Stefanis

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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