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GUNS N ROSES Use Your Illusion 1 & 2
(Universal 06024 986 1337/8) (2003)
Time to pull the curtains, open the beers and enjoy classic GnR...

Most fans of Guns N Roses will be aware that these videos have been available now for some time. However, with many music fans setting up their DVD players as an all round entertainment system, and with the enhanced sound of these DVD releases, it is like you are there once again witnessing one of the truly greatest live acts of all time in the flesh.

Guns N Roses

Taken from the time when they were on their mammoth Use your Illusion tour these DVDs show GnR at their absolute best. For me it was good to see the band as they will no doubt remain in most peoples minds - at the time when each member was a rock star legend at what they did and not just Axl and a hired assortment of no names.

Mixing songs from Appetite, Lies and the Use Your Illusion albums- there is not a weak performance anywhere in the set. The inclusion of the Civil War video and the various interview snippets remain from the original video release although I would have liked to have seen some extra goodies tucked on the end of the DVDs.

You will probably never see another band take the world by storm quite as GnR did and these DVDs make you think what could happen if the band just sat down and talked through their differences.

I saw the new GnR last year and whilst I enjoyed that gig it only took minutes of watching these DVDs to make me want to go back to 1992!!!! Take my advice- pull the curtains, get your mates round, open the beers, turn the volume RIGHT UP, and pretend you were there!!!



Review by Nikk Gunns

© 2003 All rights reserved.

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