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COSMO Alien Frontiers(2006)

Formed around the brothers Fran (vocals) and Antonio Cosmo (guitar/vocals/bass/keys/sampling), Fran Cosmo appeared back in the 80's on the excellent Orion the Hunter album that featured Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau.

Fast forward to the last Boston album 'Corporate America' and both the brothers were involved in this album, along with this album's bass player Bill Carman. Given the band's past association you'd expect some Boston influences and they are here, especially in the guitars - just listen to the epic rock of 'Don't Tell Me Your Lies' (also done in acoustic mode at the end of the album). A superb song which just highlights what a voice Fran Cosmo has!

Opener 'Communication' brings to mind Led Zep on the Plant approved chorus wails and Zebra - a cracking rocker to start the album off.

Like many of their tracks on here in the background you can hear sampling, sometimes even rapping! This does add greatly to the overall sound, 'No Surprise' for instance could gain fans with lovers of nu metal. 'Helicopter' brings the tempo down, not unlike a Boston ballad and a great tune. 'Creep' and the title track provide more classy hard rock, the guitars really shine out and the production is clear and unlike a few recent Frontiers albums the drums have no 'tinny' edge.

A heavy metal Boston? This maybe the nearest comparison but I'd urge any fans of hard rock to check this out as it is a very enjoyable album and hopefully this won't be a 'one-off' project.


Review by Jason Ritchie

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