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BOOBS The Junkshop Glam Discotheque
RPM RPM298 (2005)

Influenced by a chain of nightclubs in the 70s, when glam was all the rage, many DJs and bands were influenced by the likes of T-Rex and Slade, even The Sweet and David Bowie.

Some bands went onto big things, others didn’t. Some good moments, these more underground bands produced some good if sometimes second rate glam rock, often rather derivative of other bands.

20 tracks, averaging a chart-tastic 3 minutes apiece. Opener “Turtle Dove” (The Rats) is a good rocker, while Screemer very much borrow from Bowie and The Sweet (the latter not the most original band to copy).

There is some good, almost blistering guitar in places, giving an original twist; perhaps that’s why these bands didn’t do so well. As for the choruses, rhythms, keyboard interjections, we’re talking maximum cheesiness associated with the era.

Bands covered here include Angel, Chunky, Jimmy Jukebox, Shelby and The Sensation all produced quality glam rock, of the full on tacky glitter sprinkled platform and flare wearing kind. You have to laugh, or else you’d cry.

Cheesy it may be, but it’s well packaged and excellent for Dave Hill look-alikes and nostalgia freaks.


Review by Joe Geesin

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
** Instant bargain bin fodder | * Ugly. Just ugly

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