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BOB DYLAN Dylan Speaks - The Legendary 1965 Press Conference In San Francisco
Eagle Media(2006)
Dalek cameras and His Royal Bobness...

1965 was the year the then 24 year old Dylan went electric, and this is the only known press conference to be aired.

Running at a little under an hour, itís an interesting insight, with a room full of journalists asking a range of questions, on all subjects, on his career and more.

A few amusing quips, stories, the man who made it for being in the right place at the right time comes across as well read and experienced on one hand, and innocent and nervous on others.

The set up is amateurish, sound quality variable, and probably makes no odds that itís in black and white.

The TV cameras back then looked more like Daleks too.

The short running time and music free angle, itís of very limited appeal, probably more of interest to fans of Dylanís philosophy than his music.


Review by Joe Geesin

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