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BEEZEWAX Who To Salute (2006)

Beezewax are an indie/power pop quartet from Norway, and Who To Salute is their 4th album. According to the PR handout the album looks set to be the ultimate soundtrack to the hazy death of summer. Cripes.

A four piece, Kenneth Ishak (vocals, guitar, piano), Stian Olsen (drums), Marcus Holm (guitar, keyboards) and Kalua Kim Wyckoff (bass), Beezewax are big in Norway and Spain and looking to wreak havoc in the UK.

I'm not certain I'd class Breezewax as indie, pop rock. There's not much indie in display. Many of the tracks have an almost Elvis Costello construction to them. It's certainly pop. But I'm not sure about the rock tag either. They sound about as dangerous as The Monkees or The Beach Boys. There's certainly decent songs, nice vocals and guitars. But that's about as far as I'd go. If the target is to dominate the UK airwaves, I think they're likely to be unlucky.

There's just nothing of great substance here. It's a decent album, well played and well produced. But it's a bit like non alcoholic lager. Looks good, tastes OK (sometimes) but just doesn't kick ass. It's difficult to see who Beezewax will appeal to.


Review by Pete Whalley

Let The Future Be A Stranger
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