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Advertising Feature: Thunderbird 13

Thunderbird 13

Thunderbird 13 are a hard hitting rock'n'roll band based in London England. Formed from the remnants of several other bands, frontman Goffzilla fuses each members love of all things rock'n'roll to produce a sound that hasn't been heard since the good old days.

Thunderbird 13

Starting life as a studio project in 2007, Thunderbird 13 took a while to find their wings and take to the stage but since the first date the live show has flown.

As it has been proven that groupies aren't found in the studio, they are at gigs, so you will find Thunderbird 13 at a venue near you.

Thunderbird 13

Turning a by-product of being sick of listening to fads and trends - and an animalistic hunger for volume and guitar solos - into a musical experience, they are grabbing genres of the past by the balls and punching modern music in the face.

With major TV and the recording of their debut album late this year, 2010 is set to be the year of the Thunderbird 13 times over!

So, if you are down with T13 and ready for a rock'n'roll revolution, saddle up the mule and get onboard, cause the wreckin balls a' rollin!


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