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Feature: Dan Pinto


Dan Pinto

Dan Pinto is a keyboardist/composer that has chosen an entrepreneurial approach to music, possessing an extended arsenal of talent even beyond what can be seen or heard.

It is this additional creative element that sets him apart from other musical artists and has enabled him to forge a career as a truly independent musician. His choices as such allow him the freedom to do what he feels, unbridled by any outside influence.

Having had respectable experience in live performance and studio recording as both a keyboardist and drummer-percussionist, Dan Pinto is also an incredibly versatile composer that specializes in genres of Jazz-Rock Fusion and Film Score & Soundtrack music.

Within those genres, you will hear the application of well structured orchestral sound coupled with a progressive fusion style that at times is reminiscent of Keith Emerson and Chick Corea. His music can be both extremely relaxing and devastatingly powerful and complex.

If you've heard Dan's music or have ever seen him perform, you would instantly realize just how talented he is with his diversified composing style and multi-instrumental capabilities. What you may not know is that he also has a great deal of experience in an expanded role as a producer and recording engineer. Upon applying all that he is capable of, it becomes very obvious that Dan Pinto is a musical force to be recognized.

Dan Pinto's foundation was set in stone as a drummer. Even though Dan might be more recognizable as a keyboardist and composer, one thing he enjoys when performing live with various bands is working out drum duets with whatever drummer is covering the lead role for that position.

This in the past has always produced an anticipated feature for the audience with whatever band Dan has played with. One of the earliest performances of this type dates back to 1981 when he and his band Juice opened for Joan Jett & the Blackhearts for a live show broadcast on WDHA in New Jersey.

Having composed music for nationally syndicated television, industrial video and independent film, Dan Pinto has already solidified his place among such writers. But he continues to release great solo works as well.

Dan's "Anomalies" album from 2008 shows the listener that he is in full form with compositions that cover both Jazz-Rock Fusion and Contemporary Jazz. But this album also demonstrates Film Score & Soundtrack works with full orchestral arrangements. This release appeals to many different listeners, yet has a consistent thread that retains it's presence as a whole.

To learn more about Dan Pinto and his musical accomplishments, visit the Dan Pinto Official Website.

Funk Shui
© 2009 Dan Pinto/Eclectic Sound. All rights reserved.

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You can hear more of Dan Pinto's music in the Instrumental and Jazz Fusion sequences on Get Ready to ROCK! Radio,

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