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Feature (update December 2006)

25 Yard Screamer...a GRTR! one to watch...
Guitarist Nick James reflects on 2006 and the new year...

25 Yard Screamer

What sort of a year have you had? Highlights?

Good on the whole. The response to Blacklight has been fantastic and really encouraging. The delays for releasing our album have been frustrating, but that's life as they say.

The highlight was your review which really set the ball rolling for us. You Rock.

What would you like to achieve in 2007 and what are your immediate plans?

We've had some tentative interest from a couple of labels so we're hoping that will develop in 2007.

Also getting the CD out, getting some gigs in and then world steps!!!!!

What was your favourite album and gig of 2006?

Album of the year Satriani - Super Colossal & Maiden - Matter Of Life and Death and I saw Satriani and took a couple of my guitar pupils to what was their first gig, it was awesome.

Pre-order the band's third album 'Cassandra' - click the link below.

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Cambridge Rock Festival

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