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Interview: Ian Grant (Track Records)


Ian Grant successfully re-launched Track Records a few years ago and the label has seen releases by Big Country, Arthur Brown, the Casbah Club and many more. (

What got you into music in the first place?

My mother, grandmother and aunt playing the piano. Then I did. Then I saw The Who and The Cream on same night. Brighton Dome, April 21st (still have the ticket). That's when everything changed. The mid to late sixties was a very privileged time to be a teenager.

What was it like working with Hendrix and what are your fondest memories of him?

I didn't work with Jimi. I wasn't involved with Track back then. I did see him a few times and I was in awe. I mean what he did with a guitar and the sounds he got from wood, metal and electricity was like no-one else. And he looked so wild.

How did Track Records come about and who was the first artist that you signed to the label?

Don't forget that I only re-launched it. I met Arthur Brown at Midem in Cannes, circa 1996. HE said he hadn't been paid any royalties for FIRE and could I help. By the end of the evening you see, he said "you know more about me than I do". He could see the benefit of a fan and someone connected in the business.

So, I tracked down Chris Stamp the co-founder. He liked where I was coming from and suggested I start a management led label. He suggested I use Track name and logo. I was gob smacked. So, one thing led to another and I met Bill Kenwright. He backed me and we released Big Country's DRIVING TO DAMASCUS. Sadly, Stuarts life was falling apart. Also Bill bought Everton FC so we parted and I have run it on my own since.

How easy/hard is to get Track releases into the shops and reviewed etc? Do you find it easier to hit the target audience for each release via the Internet?

Hard. Very hard. Retail is nonsense now. You have to pay them to stock your releases on a sale and return basis. Most releases have had reasonable coverage though. The internet has been very good for me. Without it I wouldn't have survived.

You've got some sterling talent on Track including the Casbah Club and Deborah Bonham. Who else would you love to sign in a ideal world and which have been the most successful releases to date?

Big Country always sell well. The biggest surprise in last year has been Joe Brown. His album keeps selling. I would love to work with Country Joe and Fish, Nils Lofgren, Love, Peter Green, oh so so many. Anyone who is talented basically.

Have you noticed your taste in music changing down the years? Any band/album you raved about in the past that you can't believe you liked in hindsight?

As I say, anything that's talented. Craftsmen. I wouldn't have thought I would have signed Joe. I didn't realise how great a guitar player he is. I thought Mad For The Racket would have done better since its pedigree was Brian James, Wayne Kramer, Stewart Copeland, Clem Burke and Duff McGagan.

I am mostly a 60s/70s person taste wise. I love Nirvana and Kula Shaker. Also Big Audio Dynamite and Dreadzone. Quite liked Dandy Warhol's. But I don't get the Coldplays of Travis of this world. My son played Coldplay on Sunday night. I liked it to start with (not knowing who it was) but then it went on and on and one...boring one dimensional stuff

Who are your musical heroes and why?

The Who, The Stones, The Beatles, John and George solo stuff, Iggy, MC5,Small Faces and anything with Marriott, Jimi Hendrix Experience, early Alice Cooper, Eric Burdon, Traffic, early Hawkwind, Neil Young, Keith Richards, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Blue Cheer, Love, Captain Beefheart ...why? Because they were all unique. Most of all because they moved me.

What have been the best bands you have seen live and why?

All the above in last question and for same reasons (with the exception of The Beatles who I didn't get to see.)

What have been the highlight(s) so far? Anything else you still want to achieve?

Too many to mention. Yes, to have a band out do any band I have already represented in terms of sales. Maybe The Casbah Club?

Your top five albums of all time and why?

I hate doing this as I could name 50 easily.

Sergeant Pepper - The Beatles
Piper At the Gates of Dawn - Pink Floyd
Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Experience
Live At Leeds - The Who
Kick Out The Jams - The MC5

Why? Because they all helped shape my life and put me on the rock and roll trail.

What in your view makes for a good band and what attracts you to a particular band/artist?

The ability to move me. Exciting performance (no one touches the original WHO)

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

Can't remember any obvious ones.

Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?

Too many. Please buy my book when its published. Guess one tale is when Keith Richards said "you should write a book mate".

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

John Lennon

Interview © 2005 Jason Ritchie

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