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BROKEN TEETH ‘Guilty Pleasure’ (Killingbird Records 2003)

Outstanding second album from Austin Texas ' based Broken Teeth. Broken Teeth comprise former members of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks and Pariah. They are Jason McMaster (vocals), Paul Lidel (guitar), Jared Tuten (guitar), Mike Watson (bass) and Bruce Rivers (drums).

I first came across Broken Teeth through the UK based Changes One Record Label. I picked up a copy of their split CD with Streetwalkin Cheetahs, simply because I knew I had to love something called 'In Rock We Trust'. I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I was immediately hooked on their catchy riffs, hell bent for leather attitude and at times extremely funny lyrics.

'Guilty Pleasure' continues this saga of good time rock n roll. From the very first chord of the title track, Broken Teeth set out their stall. If you love AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, you share a common experience with the Teeth. They love this music too and they are not ashamed to acknowledge these influences. However, what they do, and do so well, is to drag this style into the new millenium and give it a kick up the ass for good measure!

The first four tracks of the album hardly give you a moment to catch your breath. 'Guilty Pleasure' gets you warmed up and in the mood for the rest of the album ('the path of a sinner is the path that I choose'). The catchy riffs of 'Devil Money' (the very ones that hooked me into Broken Teeth in the first place) lead straight into the tale of heavy seduction at the dentists and the lawyers offices (yes, really!) that is 'Hanging by The Skin'. No longer have you finished singing along to the catchy chorus, then you are launched right into 'Crashlanding Affair', a high-octane romp of girls, sex and getting high.

Phew! It's time to take it down a step or two which they do with the bluesier, but still rocking, 'Down to the Fire' and 'Second Hand'. The pace may have slowed slightly but the attitude is still there. 'Down to the Fire' gives us 'old enough to know better, still too young to care'. Whereas, 'Second Hand' is a bitter-sweet tale performed with a wry smile on the lips.

Then we're off again, as the pace builds up again throughout the next four tracks. In 'High on Danger', Jason McMaster's voice raises to a climax to one of my favourite, although shorter, of Paul Lidel's guitar solos. 'Shangri-La' is funky and hip-grinding. The power builds again with 'She Dances Evil', then the pulsating drums fade in for 'Chaingang'. The party is well underway and we don't want it to stop!

Thoughout the album, McMaster's powerful and, let's face it, at times low down and dirty vocals, are complemented by an excellent rhythm section. The guitar playing is outstanding and helps create the pace and feel of the whole album ' Paul Lidel's solos are damn fine! Broken Teeth is a finely tuned and experienced group of musicians, whose love for playing, performing and partying comes through in every note that they play and every word that they sing. As Jason McMaster himself says, 'It's the foot on the monitor, hand on the crotch, screaming demon rock-n-roll'. Put another way, a well known rock musician (think ginger dreadlocks ' no NOT Mick Hucknell!) once told me that Broken Teeth sound 'like AC/DC pissed'.

From the first punchy chord of Guilty Pleasure to the dying strains of come down final track 'Happy End', this album does not have one song that fails to please. As McMaster finishes with a spoken 'hope you liked the show', all you can say in reply is 'HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL YES!!

For more information on BROKEN TEETH, check out or email

For fans of Broken Teeth and other like-minded bands, check out Newsgroup

You can buy 'Guilty Pleasure', plus their first self-titled album and 'In Rock We Trust' all from Changes One Music Club website or by contacting Ian Tunstall on 0191 237 0251).


Review by Alyson

***** Out of this world | **** Pretty damn fine |
*** OK, approach with caution unless you are a fan |
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