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ANEMO Slowburn City Canyon AS-005(2006)


When I reviewed Anemo's single Made Of Fiction, which is featured here, I suggested the band could be contenders for the Evanescence goth crown. And listening to this excellent little album, I can see no reason to revisit that opinion.

It's a great debut for this three-piece from Brighton. Even more impressive when you realise that the vast majority of the musical fare on offer is delivered by Kingsley Sage (keyboards, bass and programming) and Matt Palmer (guitars and bass).

OK it lacks a little of the polish and big budget that would accompany an Evanescence release, but the material is strong, Hazelle Woodhurst's vocals are consistently excellent throughout and the band is tight.

But unlike Evanescence with their distinctly American pop/ rock roots, Anemo come across as a British band, with more than just a hint of All About Eve, to their make-up. And when they strike out in a softer vein - Standing In The Wrong Place, for example, the results are stunning.

It's little wonder therefore that Anemo have found success Stateside on the college circuit.


Review by Pete Whalley

Fallout Renegade
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